Friday, September 26, 2014

Bigger Still

"Have you ever been in a situation where something little suddenly felt really big?" Lysa TerKeurst

As I read that question on a Facebook post the other morning, my heart skipped a beat.  YES!  Can I share a story with you?

In February of this year I had just wrapped up the paper work for Winter Interlude 2014, an annual event for women held at our church, and was beginning the search for speakers for the next two years.  I found an Internet site that had short bio's for over 100 Christian Women Speakers from around the globe.  I bowed my head and asked the Lord to direct my search, then with a cup of coffee and pen and paper, I began clicking into each link, watching and listening to teaching videos that had been uploaded to the web.

Suddenly my heart was resonating with a young gal who was sharing about her love for Jesus.  I did a double-take on her name.  Who was she?  Why hadn't I heard of her before? I considered myself fairly knowledgeable of Christian speakers after serving on the "Women of Grace" ministry team, and acting as a consultant for women's ministry events.  How did I ever miss hearing about this precious young girl who was surrendering her anything for God's everything?

I "Googled" her name.  Videos and links began appearing.  I started reading everything I could find.  I watched and listened to every download and video.  I went to Amazon and ordered a book she had authored, as well as one of her Bible studies.  

After a long time of inquiry and prayer, I put her name forward to our ministry team.  This began a long process that sadly ended in dates conflicting.  I'll heart was dashed.  I had felt such an instant tug of connection with this godly young woman.  I was certain the Lord had led me to find her.

On July 2nd I pulled out her book and began re-reading.  Tears flowed marking the pages.  I questioned the Lord, "Why did You lead me to find this young gal only to meet a dead-end path when it came to booking her for our event for 2016?  Why?  I'm confused.  I felt so confident it was You who lead me to her.  I don't understand."   

I came to a chapter where she quotes a blog post she had written in 2010.  It was entitled, "Falling into Obedience".  Writing about her life being a "domino", she says: 

"But what if I laid down my life, my domino, and through that unleashed an army of others who laid down and unleashed their obedience, and through this matrix, God's glory was displayed through the laying down of lives in the midst of a generation?"

I saw myself as an affected "domino".  I was one little "domino" in this matrix.  I felt the Lord unleashing something in me that was so much bigger than "finding a speaker for an event".  In the quietness of my heart I heard God whisper to me:  Joy, I have led you to Jennie because there is something I want to birth in you.  I know your heart is ready.  I know you love Me.  I'm calling you to a new obedience.  I led you to Jennie just for you.   Just for me Lord?  You love me so much You'd go to all this work just for me?  Yes

I thought of "little actions" that suddenly "felt big".  I considered Simeon who was "moved by the Spirit" to enter the temple, a little action, not knowing the bigger revelation that would take place that day as he held the Savior (Luke 2:25-32).  I thought of Zechariah, who, because of the lot that fell to him, was in the right place at the right time to have an encounter with the Lord that spoke of the miraculous gift of a son to be born (Luke 1:8-20).  A little act of obedience with divine proportion.

My "little something" of sitting at my kitchen counter in February looking for a speaker, suddenly felt really big.  God was in this.

After feeling God's undeniable call on my life and becoming a Local Leader for "IF", the ministry for which Jennie is the founder and visionary,  I hosted the first event in August, where "Two Little Dominoes" gathered.

This past Tuesday, September 23, 2014, I opened God's Word early in the morning and through the prophet Joel, the Lord spoke to me "Gather the people...", "call a sacred assembly".  He said, "I will gather all nations..."   "Come quickly, all you nations from every side, and assemble there.  Bring down your warriors, LORD!  Let the nations be roused..." (Joel 1:14, 2:15-16, 3:2, 11-12)

The nations were roused on Tuesday evening.  Hosting "IF:Pray", women around the world met in homes, churches, parks, schools, and empty buildings to pray.  The menu was simple.  Prayer.  The results miraculous.

There were eleven women who answered God's call and met in my home.  Three different churches were represented.  Two ladies appeared at my door and just asked, "Are you Joy?"  I looked into their precious faces and responded, "You must be here to pray."  Only God can do this!  Only God!

After over two hours of kneeling at the feet of Jesus and joining together praying for our Pastors, our churches, our personal walks with the Lord, our neighbourhoods, our country, foreign missions, for God's plan for each of our lives, for unity, for unsaved friends and loved ones, confessing our own sins and praising and worshiping our Savior, we hugged and knew without a doubt, this was not the end, just the beginning.  God's Spirit was so present, He took our breath away.  

Something "little", searching for a speaker, had NOTHING to do with planning an event, but everything to do with God drawing me close to His side and inviting me on this amazing journey.  I am completely overwhelmed and humbled by His call.  I'm not exactly certain of what is next, but I know there IS a next and I know God will be in it.  Already more women are contacting me and asking, "When is the next prayer event?"  Falling to my knees and seeking Him.

When something begins to feel "big", take a deep breath and get ready and be thankful that God is bigger still.  AMEN

(The picture above is missing three gals who came later.  My photographer, aka husband, had left by the time they arrived.)

Here's the video that started it all.  Thank You Lord, and bless you Jennie.

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