Saturday, September 20, 2008

Going Home

"...go back to your family..."
Luke 8:39

After months of turning a deaf ear to God's command, this morning I am turning in humble surrender. God has strictly instructed me to "go back to my family". Go back from where? From living secluded in solitary confinement before a computer screen.

Over the past several months I have been living in a house with two precious people - two who mean so much to me, yet I have been absent from their lives. I have missed countless opportunities of enjoying their company, pouring into their lives and living with them. I have also ignored God's call to 'let go' and follow Him in an area where He has said, "it is time".

I have explained myself on my other blog, "Ponderings" and I ask that you would take a journey over to read what God has impressed on my heart.

I will only be posting here once a week, sharing truths He ignites in my heart as I embark on this intimate following.

Whether you understand or not, I must obey. People pleasing has held me captive too long and as Melissa reminded me on Thursday, my life is to be lived for an Audience of 1.

As I've been sitting here writing this, God miraculously confirmed this 'about face' moments ago in an message I received from Teri, which still has my hands shaking and my heart beating wildly. She wrote, "Precious Joy, In my morning prayer time, I saw your face and your name over and over. You need to know that the LORD Almighty is with you. You need to know it deep down in the marrow of your bones. Let it go deep inside of you. The LORD Almighty is with you. Be joyful in all things."

So, with that word I am trusting Him with the outcome of this following.

Gord and Chris, I love you and I am coming home.

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elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Been thinking of you all morning and praying on your behalf. You journey not alone, friend.

Now, go...

and enjoy the music!

I love you.


Nicole said...


Hi Joy. I have visit a few times only but am so glad I came here today. I respect your decision so much! I too am guilty of spending too much on the computer blogging etc. This was very convicting for me today. I too am at a place that the Lord is wanting to dance with me a little faster dance than what I have been currently experiencing. May the Lord go with you during this time of transition but also beauty as you embrace this change!

I will send up prayers for you as you transition.

Love in Christ,

Cindy said...

We all must remember that blogging is just a small part of our lives. I learned (after a huge life changing experience) that my family is more precious than I ever gave them credit for.
You are doing well to follow God's call back to your loved ones.
Blessings to you as you rejoin your family.

Amy L Brooke said...

I will pray for you as you do this dance and check in.

Thanks for checking in on me. It has been appreciated. You are a joy to know. (No pun intended.)

Yolanda said...


You do not journey alone, is correct from Elaine. God first, family and then it trickles down.

I love it, when we Hear HIS Voice!

I love you and go enjoy your family.


On Purpose said...

For your obedience you will be rewarded and we will be changed!

Zoe said...

Hey Joy,
Thanks for your sweet post and for sharing your son's words of wisdom.

You are one of my life's greatest joys and I'm sorry your "friend" is missing out on a relationship with you.
It's truely her loss.

Be a duck girlfriend and let it roll right off your back.
Love you,

Melissa said...


Wowwowowowowowow! You see how far I am behind on my emails...I'm just reading yours from last Saturday and now checking your blog. It's the 1st time I've been on blogger in a long time!

Your obedience will be blessed my friend! I hardly have words to describe what I think of you...It's all very good by the way!

I received your card today. I cried. You are just one of a kind too sweet!

Thanks and please post a video of you dancing will ya?

Love you,

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

What an amazing message from your friend! Obedience is a tough tough tough call all the time. Enjoy this time of drawing closer to your family and to Him! Love you so!

Tiffany Stuart said...

Obey His call and find Him sufficient!

Thanks for the honest post!

Runner Mom said...

You precious thing! Thank you for following His voice and being obedient. Rest in His Word and enjoy your family time. I'll be in touch. You're in my prayers.

Love you!

Genny said...

Good for you! I stopped by your other blog and read your beautiful post. I'm with you on spending time with family and balancing life, which is why I only post ever few days or so too.

I'm so glad you will be joining me for "My One Month"! I look forward to reading what you write!

Mari said...

I applaud you for being obedient! He will always make precious the fruits of obedience. Be blessed!

MoziEsmé said...

Brave decision - I applaud you! Finding a balance is so tough that I may need to make a drastic change like this soon.

Genny said...

Thanks for all your sweet comments, Joy!