Monday, January 31, 2011


“Then the LORD answered Job from the whirlwind” Job 40:6

This was the first verse in my daily reading the other morning, and quite honestly I didn’t need to read any further. God had spoken.

I have been unable to write here for quite some time. Some of you know the “whirlwind” that has attacked. Some of the ‘damages’ are visual, some hidden, but all have left me confused and unable to focus. Reading and writing have both become a challenge. Thoughts swirl and I’m unable to catch them and string them together with any clarity or coherence. I am in that whirlwind.

A whirlwind is defined as a weather phenomenon in which a vertically, rotating column of air forms due to instabilities and turbulence created by heating and current gradients. Whirlwinds occur all over the world and in any season. They are described as being a violent or destructive force, impetuous and speedy.

A whirlwind has swept me up in its clutches. My life is defined right now by instability and turbulence created by the heat and current of circumstances, medical exams, Dr’s reports, surgery dates and emotions. Whirlwinds can occur anywhere at any time. I am caught in that rotating column of air that is threatening to spin my life out of control. The weather in my "season" is unsettled. BUT...God can answer me from the whirlwind. FROM the whirlwind. Do you know what that means? Can you grasp the reality of what that is saying? He's in there with me. I am not alone. That brings a sense of calm and peace to the swirling currents already. He's in there....with me...and so until He speaks, I am going to reach over for His Hand and hold tight, because He is IN THIS current phenomenon.

And…what is a phenomenon? Why, it’s a remarkable development. It is extremely unusual and extraordinary. In its original Greek it means, that which appears or is seen. God allows whirlwind experiences because He desires to do something marvellous and significant in our lives so that others will see Him. He desires to make my life phenomenal and He wants me, and others watching, to see Him in the whirlwind. A whirlwind makes God visible.

It surprises me the singularity of the definition of a whirlwind. It’s “a” current, “a” column, “a” force. Does it not often seem like a whirlwind is multiple storms? Maybe it’s because of all the debris it acquires when we allow it to gain momentum in our hearts. Our minds race ahead and accumulate worthless what if’s, worry and urgency. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Has an unstable disturbance rocked your world recently? Is your life currently characterized by disjointed thoughts, sleeplessness, change in appetite, anxiety, concern, back aches, racing heart and agitation? You too are in a whirlwind, but you are not alone. God came to Job not only with an answer, but AS the answer. Insert your name in the verse above, “Then the LORD answered Joy from the whirlwind”.

Today as I sit poised in the unknown with decisions still ahead, I will be listening for God to speak to me from the whirlwind.

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Leah @ Point Ministries said...

You KNOW that I am lifting you up to our Father. He is in the middle of your whirlwind, my friend. He's right there.


Lori said...

Sweet Joy, praying for you friend! You've got God's strength - you "can scale any wall" (2 Sam. 22:30). Thinking of you scaling a wall, makes me giggle! ha-ha! Love u, Lori

Kimberly said...

Oh, how perfect is His comfort. How amazing is His Word...truly living, breathing, powerful. I love how He breathed hope and life into you with this one simple verse. He is in there with you. Beautiful.

Praying for you, friend, and so thankful He is there with you. As always, you shine Him so beautifully...even in the midst of a whirlwind.

Love and prayers,

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Jehovah Shammah... "God is there!"

So very glad he's there with you, even as he's here with me. May you know the truth of his presence at every turn this day and in the days to come.


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

I needed this too Joy! I'm so guilty of "minds race ahead and accumulate worthless what if’s, worry and urgency"

I do pray that God will meet your physical needs and be with you and give you peace!