Sunday, April 3, 2011

Story in Six Words

She Reads is offering an opportunity to win a scholarship to attend the She Speaks Conference. All you have to do is write a story in six words. Here's mine:

Pink didn't use to frighten me

Being a word girl, I couldn't stop at just one, so for fun, but not entry, here are some of the others I wrote that tell tales yet to be written. Enjoy.

Wearing pink, looking brave, hiding fear.
Sins many, forgiven much, becoming more.
Waiting for the phone to ring.
Thought I was invincible; hospital called.
Silence speaks; tears scream; cancer calls.
Cancer called; I refused to answer.
Didn't really want to do it.
It was only a routine mammogram.
Words are written. Life is lived.
My life isn't a rough draft.
Awaiting phone call. Please be benign.
I let go; He held on.
I have forgotten how to sleep.
Cancer center called. Can't catch me.
Ollie-Ollie-Oxen-Free; Still hiding.
Rejoicing with her. Asking why me?
Need more hands to count blessings.
Leaking life through a cracked pot.
Once I started I couldn't quit.
Finally found me; worth the search.
I should not have hit "Send".
Tears real. Everything else mostly fake.
Water only washes off surface dirt.
Life is not a cameo appearance.
Pink was once my favorite color.
Surgeon called. Pink scares me now.
Walls fell. I am still standing.
Cup overflowing; drinking from my saucer.
Could not stop with just one.
Life's worth more than six words.
Life anchor being tested by hurricane.
Voluntarily behind bars. Prisoner of hope.
Doctors offered no hope. Still breathing.
Aging parents. Now I'm the mom.
Afraid to write life in ink.
Living the dash between the years.
My life changed with one call.
Should have let the phone ring.
Nail scarred hands brought my liberty.
Offering broken life to Him; Priceless.
Bowing down before Him. Standing redeemed.
Ruined: without reason, but not results.
Need Writers Anonymous; addicted to words.

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patricia e said...

you have the gift!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Here's mine for you...

counting on seeing you this summer


I'm Genny... said...

Oh I LOVED these, Joy! You definitely have a gift with words. Good luck on your submission!

ps. I hope you are doing well!