Friday, February 21, 2014

Winter Interlude 2014

Heading to the end of February, almost a sixth of the year gone, and here's my first post of 2014.  Life has been busy.  Let me catch you up.

January was filled with happy preparations as we anticipated the ladies Winter Interlude event at the church.  Being Women's Event's Ministries Coordinator, my days were spent planning, meeting and troubleshooting.  It was a time of great excitement as we had Sharon Glasgow, from Proverbs 31 Ministries coming to share 3 sessions around the Discipleship theme.  Sharon was staying at my home, and for the first time we had a guest in our newly renovated spare room.

The day before the event my team and I were at the church decorating and setting up when we suddenly heard the news, that due to a snowstorm in Chicago, Sharon's flight, scheduled to land here in just another 5 hours, was cancelled.  Momentary tears filled my eyes as I shared the news with my team, and we went straight to prayer.  After calling on the Lord to provide in some way, a dear friend serving alongside me suggested we then applaud and start praising God for the answer that was already on it's way.  Sure enough, about an hour later, I was talking with Sharon again and her flight had been rerouted and she was on her way.  (As an aside, God needed Sharon on another flight.  There was a gentleman who needed to hear about Jesus...but that's her story!)

The weekend was amazing!  The words that continue to be voiced from all who attended are "Spirit-filled".  From the time Sharon arrived until her too soon departure, she called us to a closer walk with the Lord, sharing personal stories as well as Biblical example.  Honestly, it was one of the most incredible encounters, not with Sharon (although...what a precious treasure), but with the Lord.  I loved how all the evaluation forms reflect that as well.  Although Sharon was loved by all, (the event was three weeks ago and I'm still continually hearing how everyone wants to have her return), God was loved more and all the responses share that the ladies met Jesus that day.

Musically we had Karlene Fletcher lead us into worship.  She is a gifted, humble musician with the voice of an angel whose countenance glows from an inner intimacy with the Lord.  Having auditioned for one of the "Idol" reality television shows, Karlene made progress through the process, but in the end was not chosen to be part of the program.  She sings for One and God used her that weekend to lead us to praise the Lord in spirit and in truth.

Our time together ended all too quickly, but it will be remembered forever.

Next time I will share how I met God as my "personal bravery" that day.  Praising Him for all He is doing in my life.
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Jill Beran said...

So good to hear from you again Joy!! Looking forward to your next post...I was praying for you and knew He would answer, but would love to hear how He did it!! Blessings to you!! And don't you love hearing those words back after an event? God did it!! Trust the seeds that were planted will grow!