Friday, May 21, 2010

Faith's Journey to Hope, Part 5: Look


Upon receiving this final text message, my heart beat quicker, my eyes scanning every direction. Where was she? Could she see me? Was she watching even now?

From a distance I saw her white van. I honestly thought I would burst out of my skin. After waiting for what seemed like forever to meet my precious friend, these final minutes were the hardest I had yet to endure. If longing could only close the distance between us, her vehicle would have been travelling so much quicker.

Parking her van, I reached up to open the drivers side door only to find it locked. Camera in hand she was trying to capture this encounter on film. The delay only heightened my desire. Enough! I’ve waited too long already.

In a second the door opened and I will never forget that hug. Embraced in the arms of my friend, we were at last face-to-face. Distance dissipated. Patience rewarded. Waiting over. The twelve hour journey worth everything. I didn’t want to let go. I held on tight. My heart felt ‘home’.

‘Home’. A place of rest, belonging and acceptance. I suppose in many ways, with Diane, I had been there for awhile. She had welcomed me over the threshold of her life months ago, extending hospitality to my thoughts, dreams, disappointments, fears and failures. She had not turned me aside, away or out. Taking my hand, tenderly holding my heart, she listened, prayed, encouraged and received. Shame didn’t shock. Questions never ridiculed. Secrets held secure. Silence accepted and not pushed. Laughter shared. Over a cup of “virtual tea” she never rushed my thoughts, expected perfection or hurried my heart. Patient. Caring. Identifying. Loving.

The waiting over, we stood looking into each others eyes. Mine smiled. A word has yet to be written to express such joy. I will breathe in and cherish that moment always.

I am reminded of a day that will come when even this excitement will seem as nothing. Another encounter. Another wait over. Another longing fulfilled. Another face-to-face moment. Another ‘home’.

Anticipation over. Faith becoming sight. A call to ‘look’ that will linger for all eternity. That day's overwhelming joy and delight becoming but a mere suggestion of what it will be like to meet Jesus and fall into His arms, face-to-face. (1 Corinthians 13:12)

And so our ten days began. We have so much to share about Faith’s trip to Hope. I trust you will continue to take time to return and share in this story of friendship.

Diane…in case I forget to tell you…I had a really great time. Love ya my BFF. Hugs!

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Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Speechless! What can I say???? Mississippi

Laura said...

This is so sweet joy. When our hearts find home, here in this temporary place, then we know we are finding a bit of Jesus, don't we? Thanking God for your friendship.

~Grace and Peace said...

Joy, I'm so glad for this installment. I'm glad someone caught the moment on film -or most likely, pixels. What a precious time.

During my walk early this evening I was also contemplating what it will be like to see our Jesus face to face. Then to come here to your blog and read the same thing. I so look forward to that day.

Lori said...

Sweet Joy, You opened up this verse to me, in a new way! Your writing, my friend, continues to give God the Glory!

As I read, your feelings toward Diane, my feelings toward God, swelled my heart, for your words expressed just how I feel about my Father:

He is patient with me
He welcomes me
He takes my hand
He hold's my hand tenderly
He listens to me
He encourages me
He receives my burdens
He does not ridicule my questions
He holds my secrets

Love u my dear sweet friend! Lori

PS Hi, Grace & Peace!!! smile!!!

aahh, can't wait for #6

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

What a precious series!! It is so awesome when we find a forever friend, isn't it?


Lutiemom said...

Looking forward to the next installment!