Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Ellipsis of Life

It's been almost a year since I've shared my life here.  A lot has happened in the those three little dots that intentionally omit words, phrases and thoughts.  An ellipsis calls for a slight pause, and I guess you could say this past year my words paused as I pursued life passionately.

Much has been lived in the silence of those three dots.  The living has not been quiet.  It's been with exuberance and enthusiasm.  Often the marking has appeared in vivid, bold print, more like an exclamation point than an ellipsis, yet the joy, like the repetition of those tiny circles, has continued.

The Lord is calling me back to share roads traveled and lessons learned. I'm feeling the need once again to use my blog as a source of accountability.  Lord willing, I will write daily in 2013.  Some days my heart may overflow in many words; other days a profound thought might be scripted in a simple, short sharing.

Over this past year I have seen God move.  I have experienced His love for me.  I have received His discipline as well as danced in His delight.  I have been overwhelmed by His goodness.  I have heard His voice through His Word as He has spoken specifically and personally.  I want to share every day so that anyone who visits here will see that God's presence, plan and purpose is daily.  Is God sometimes silent?  Yes.  But even in the solitude, there is God.

This will be a place where I journal what God has revealed to me.  It may not be profound to you, but I pray that God will use my willingness and take my humble offering and use it for His glory.

Friends, I pray you will share the ellipsis of your life with me...the part of your journey that hasn't been recorded until now...the part that may have been omitted because it's writing is's remembrance difficult...the words haven't been found...or the joy has been so great and it's beauty too breathtaking to share. I pray we'll be an encouragement to one another as we sojourn together.

One thing I know, the life lived in the ellipsis is valuable to God and precious to Him.  You are precious to Him.  May you find joy in His presence today.

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Kathy Schwanke said...

Oh, so glad you are back!!! I never knew what ... was called!!! But I know I use them far too often! The semi colon and comma are just not long enough pauses for a introvert like me!!!

I read your above post also about your parents and praying for the Lord to perfect the things that concern you and your family. He certainly is magnified in your life. Love Him!!! and you!


~Grace & Peace said...

You're back! I'm so glad. I have missed your posts and I can't wait to get caught up.