Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bigger Still

"He never asks you to bear something that is bigger than the strength he puts inside of you through his Holy Spirit."
Rick Warren

Read that quote again! That line jumped off the page at me this morning! He that is in me, is greater than anything that can come at me - bigger than circumstances, bigger than relationship struggles, bigger than health challenges, bigger than fear! He's bigger than the waiting, bigger than anxious thoughts, bigger than pain. He's bigger than lonliness, bigger than financial concerns, bigger than job insecurity. With the Holy Spirit within me, the strength to endure whatever my greatest concern is today, His power is bigger still!

Where do you need to see His strength today? His power within you is able to accomplish all that concerns you today.

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Roxie said...

Love the Rick Warren quote. God in us is greater than anything else-including our fear. I'm praying for you as you head off to the She Speaks Conference. Blessings, Roxie