Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Forgotten Remembered

"They soon forgot His many acts of kindness to them."
"Yet how quickly they forgot what He had done."
Psalm 106: 7, 13

How long do you remember the great things God has done for you? I know that when God shows up in some miraculous way in my life, I think 'Lord, I'll never forget that', but sadly time passes and unfortunately and unknowingly I do. Days turn into months, months into years and that once cherished remembrance is forgotten by crushing realities and present circumstances.

Yesterday morning I fell on my face before the Lord, tears streaming down my face, begging the Lord, imploring Him with earnestness, to please, never, NEVER let me forget all that He has done for me over the past several months as He's called me to journey from fear to faith. I want to recall every detail. I want to relive every feeling. I want to cherish each Word and treasure that was unearthed from His storehouse of riches.

Praying today that the Lord will intensify my memory and with each retelling of His miraculous provision forever stamp His Word over my life that I will testify of His goodness and love for me.

Ask God to awake in your heart today a cherished memory of a time, maybe even not that long ago, when God revealed Himself to you and share that God story with one other person before this day comes to an end. God stories are meant to be shared.

"Remember the wonders He has done." Psalm 105:4-5

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Yolanda said...

Let us TESTIFY of His Faithfulness!

Great encouragement

Love ya!

Nicole said...


The Lord has been challenging me to move from fear to faith in my own life also. It's not easy, but defintely worth it, huh? Thanks for the encouragement!