Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's not about me!

"...consider others..."
Philippians 2:3

Yesterday was a day filled with prayer requests. Big requests. Demanding needs. Hurt. Pain. Loss. Confusion. Hope deferred. Heartache. Tears. Questions.

Hearing of circumstances and situations that others are currently facing gave me a fresh dose of perspective. I have recently had my eyes selfishly fixed on me, myself and I. Fear has blocked my view and kept me self-centered instead of ministering to others. I have been so consumed with my own anxieties that I have missed opportunities to show compassion and genuine concern to others. I have now turned the magnifying glass from my heart of fear and I'm looking into the eyes of others. Coming along side their suffering. Shedding a tear with them. Listening. Embracing.

It took a completely selfless prayer request from a special friend to grab my attention. Father forgive me for the many times I've neglected those so dear to me and been more concerned about my own interests. Lord teach me how to reach out with Your love.

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Paula (SweetPea) said...

Wow...that's convicting me also. Though as hard as I try, when I am in the midst of the devastating pain and it seems I'm being attacked and abandoned over and over by family and friends....oh how hard it is to concentrate on others. I KNOW there are others who are suffering more heartache with illneses and deaths and such but at times my own heartache gets the better of me. In those times, I try so very hard to focus on other's needs and focus on praising God.

The last two days have been rough and as I type this I feel such depression and gloom on my spirit. Yet, my heart within yells trying to get out of this valley and wanting to live life and bless others. I ask for your prayers. Thank you.

God ALWAYS provides joy in the morning. This too shall pass. The last year as has been a continual roller coaster but God has NEVER failed in lifting me out of these times when deep depression and despair comes.

Thanks for the reminder to try even harder to adjust the focus on my lense.


Marilyn said...

That's such a problem for each and every one of us I want to put ourselves first in our minds and hearts. But how sweet to the ears of God it is when His child says, like you, I want to serve others and forget self. May that be the prayer of us all.

God bless you....

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

You are a precious, caring friend. Happy Birthday to your son. Colton's is Sunday. We have so much to talk about next week...

Let your anticipation for the event rule over your fears! We're going to rock Charlotte, my friend!


Carol said...

I struggle with this too. I am actually writing a book on it - reaching out to others. As I am rushing to finish my proposal for She Speaks, it seems that everyone needs me - someone is hurting, someone needs help with childcare, someone needs a listening ear, etc. I keep asking God to help me concentrate on the things that are truly important. Thanks for you comment today at the Cafe.