Monday, January 4, 2010

Loud and Heartily

One of the scenes depicted in the Christmas musical presented at our church this year, was a scene right out of Dickens. Adorable children in old fashioned nightgowns awoke Christmas morning to empty bellies and no presents. The Director of the orphanage tries to encourage the children to look beyond their circumstances. Though the situation appears bleak, maybe if they sang a song loud and heartily the Lord would hear and respond.

The children then sang a song with a chorus that said:

“With a little bit of faith we can do it
With a little bit of hope come what may
And no matter what the test we’ll make it through it
It’s not hard to see the answer’s on its way.”

My thoughts today ponder, what about when it is hard to see the answer on it’s way? What about when circumstances continue to worsen making trust difficult?

God wants us to have faith. Believing faith. The Lord desires singing loud and heartily before the answer arrives. We need to praise and thank the Lord for the answer yet to come.

Faith is taking God at His Word. We don’t learn faith from the easy chair. For faith to grow it must be challenged. Those circumstances that look past the point of no return can be reversed in an instant. Beth Moore says that God is working where we least expect Him. He is working where He is least invited. Faith precedes the turnaround.

Lord, today I specifically think of a situation that seems so far beyond anyone’s control. Thank You that it is not beyond the reach of Your hand. Father help me not to waver through unbelief or pray faith diminishing prayers. Give me faith to keep believing. I’m lifting my voice and singing loud and heartily and waiting for Your response.

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Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

oh my goodness did I need this post tonight as well. It is so cool to me when God does that. This is the 2nd blog post I have read since I posted mine "Overwhelmed" on my blog and boy did both of them so fit as if God was speaking direct to me through your post! THANK YOU!


~Grace and Peace said...

"Faith precedes the turnaround."
That is beautiful. Thank you for that.

I remember reading a story that is similar to the musical you mentioned. It ended by having someone miraculously providing them with the food they need. It was supposed to be a true story, too. I wish I could remember it!

lisasmith said...

Joy!! So good to be here. I think I'll ponder that chorus for awhile myself. Faith+Hope+Endurance=an answer I love that!

Deb said...


I read those end of December posts...they touched my heart deeply.

Especially this sentence:

Risking my heart to rediscover You.

To know Him.

Obey Him.

Love Him.

May we risk everything to have more of Him.

Thank you for your courage and commitment to walk with Him.

Sweet dreams.

Lynn Cowell said...

I too have a situation that many days seems beyond help. Most days I have faith, but today I just feel said. So glad that faith isn't based on feelings....
Thanks for the kind comments about the magazine. They are a great group of gals :)

On Purpose said...

Dear Jesus thank you for faith lived out and worked out, it truly does look amazing, it has Your grace and loved filled handprints all over it! Amen

Beth E. said...

Amen, Joy! Just what I needed to read this day.