Sunday, January 3, 2010

Setting the Pace

Dad took part in a campaign for our local hospital years ago entitled, “Setting the Pace”. It was a fundraiser that encouraged different companies, organizations and individuals to donate money to expand and equip the existing medical facility. Each one was to ‘set the pace’ by example and excellence, being leaders in advancing technology to the ‘cutting edge’.

I read a verse today that touched my heart. A verse where setting the pace was not about striving harder or raising the bar higher.

“I (will) move along slowly at the pace of the droves before me and that of the children.” Genesis 33:14

Isn't that beautiful? The pace was not set by the swift, or those with the longest stride, but by the slow.

My mind pictures a family at our church. The husband is well over six feet tall. A week ago I walked behind them entering the building from the parking lot. Daddy was carrying the youngest, while their three year old son ‘ran’ at his side. Yes, this precious cherub, with short little legs, was desperately trying to keep up with his daddy. Thankfully they didn’t have far to go, as I could see exhaustion, discontent and distraction already changing to whining and complaining.

Today the Lord knows how you and I are formed and remembers that we are dust (Psalm 103:14) With the entrance of a new year, He is well aware you and I have not walked this path before. He will move us along at a pace He knows we can handle. If we feel the pace pick up, it's because He already knows we’ll make it. He’ll either strengthen us for the footsteps required or suddenly halt the journey, understanding our need for rest, knowing right now, we just can’t take any more or go any further. Such compassion and consideration for each day’s journey. The Lord knows and the Lord knows how.

Father, I will walk alongside You this year. I will allow You to set the pace. Sometimes we’ll stroll. Other times we’ll run. But always…always…hand-in-hand.

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Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Oh Joy, I love this today! So many times I feel like I am lagging behind everyone else! How wonderful to be reminded that God know my "paces" and is right there beside me!

Love ya, Mississippi

~Grace and Peace said...

Beautiful, Joy!

I am reminded of our pastor's sermon last night on Romans 4. He urged us to rest and stop striving - Jesus already paid the price. He is enough. The only "movement" required of us is the exercising of our faith.

Wishing you a restful walk with Him, dear friend.

On Purpose said...

What great encoruaging words I found here today, thank you Joy! This feeds the soul!

Amy@LivinginHarmony said...

Thank you for reminding me that I only have to keep the pace God has set before me. Lately I have felt like the 3 year old trying to keep pace with the world around me. I just want to slow down enough to spend time in the presence of my Father.

Jane Dean said...

Joy I am enjoying your comments on Wendy's video. So I watch her video and read your comments. This is my first time doing this with Wendy I am bout to complete my first time reading the Bible through but it took me longer than a year. I let other things take precedence but not this year. I wonder if you could give me some guidance. I am an RN with an Associate degree and am currently getting my BSN on line. I am 55 and do not really see a benefit from it. My pay at my present job of 34 years will not be affected. I taught Sunday school for 14 years along with teaching Beth Moore Bible studies at our former church. We have been at our present church about 5 years now and have not really gotten plugged in. I really need prayers for guidance to know what I should do. I would love to teach from the Word but no opportunities available to me. I have felt this for the past 2 years and finally started the online nursing degree but not sure this is what I want. Thanks in advance for any insights.