Monday, January 7, 2013

Our Mover

"Truly my soul silently waits for God...I shall not be greatly moved."  
"My soul, wait silently for God alone...I shall not be moved."  
Psalm 62:1a,2b, 5a, 6b

I sure can relate to the transition in wait from David's Psalm above.  Do you see it? The Psalm begins with confidence and assurance declaring a soul's waiting.  Very quickly the Psalmist's resolve shifts from content to command.  "Truly my soul silently waits" becomes the imperative, "My soul, wait silently."  The initial serene and satisfied soul needs to be summoned to silence and waiting.

I have often seen this similar pattern copied in my life.  When a new challenge is placed before me, I resolutely affirm my belief in God as my rock, salvation and defense (see the first part of verses 2 and 6).  Without question I declare that my soul is silently waiting for God to act and will for His good pleasure.  However, like David, not much time elapses before I need to change my tone and intentionally begin to enforce the wait.  Soul silently waiting becomes soul, wait silently!

Just because we know the "what" to do, doesn't always make the doing easy.

In both verses David states that he shall not be moved.  Why is that?  Because he knows that Someone is moving on his behalf and that is the reason for the wait.  The Lord is moving and setting in place all that needs to be prepared so that when He finally invites us to come, the path has been readied and we will walk forward holding His Hand.

Today realize that we have a Mover who is taking action in our waiting.  He most definitely is not silent.  He is tending to all the details of everything that concerns us, and that is why our soul can rest.  God is in control.

Let's boldly instruct our souls today to wait silently; God is moving on our behalf.

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