Sunday, January 4, 2009

Babel- Builders

The Lord is refining my thoughts as I open His Word each morning. He is calling me to focus in on one truth from His Word, even though many come to me as His Spirit reveals and gives understanding. There was much that filled my mind today, but one message that stood out as greater than the rest.

In reading about the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11, the Lord has spoken to my heart. It seems like pride and the longing for significance and power prompted the building of the tower. A tower that would make the construction workers famous, strengthen unity and keep them living together. This was contrary to God's plans. God's purpose was for man to form many nations.

Genesis 11:5 begins, "But the LORD came down to look..." How sad He must be at times as He looks down at His children, going about our own plans without inquiring of Him first. Seeking prominence and power. Wanting to make a name for ourselves, when we should be desiring to make a name for Him. "Not to us O Lord, not to us, but to Your name be the glory"(Psalm 115:1).

God confused their communication with one another. It amazes me the various ways God uses to defeat our plans when they are contrary to His. He could have punished them in some greater way, but instead of severe discipline, he deterred and detoured their direction, not punishing them as they deserved. God's Word tell us that He doesn't deal with us according to our sins (Psalm 103:10), but He lovingly forgives and mercifully pardons.

As I thought further of the language barrier that would have developed between the people, it made me think of the foreign languages around the world. I only speak English fluently. Although I studied French well into High School, I only speak it "un peu". I don't really have a grasp on another language...or do I? God's Word tells me that I am a 'foreigner' here on earth, so my language should be different than those around me. As a child of God, my native tongue should now give evidence to my homeland. Words that encourage, help and build others up, yet how often I find unholy dialect proceeding from my lips. Harsh words. Unkind remarks. Accusations. Judgements. Words that should not be found in the vocabulary of a heaven bound resident. Praying the Lord will keep my tongue from evil and my lips from speaking lies (Psalm 34:13).

With their language confused, the people stopped working together. It is the wise person who sees God's hand in the shortfall of their project and abandons efforts. God is still able to stop the plans of Babel-builders today. He is in control. Before following our own blueprint for "tower" construction, we need to give our plans to Him and wait on Him. May the only building I do today be the result of my Divine Contractor calling me to "arise and build" (Nehemiah 2:20).

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Joy in The Truth (Sharon Sloan) said...

Hi, Joy.

I am blessed by your posts here as you daily open His Word. His Word is such a treasure! I am so excited to be doing this together with so many sisters in Christ throughout the country and world! How exciting. He certainly does have treasures for each of us, our Portion.

I'll be visiting you here often.


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

I am just now getting ready to read my daily portion in the Word. I didn't have time this morning before we left for church. We leave home about 8:00 because hubby drives the church van and we live about an hour from our church. And this morning I fixed a dinner for one of our ladies at church who had surgery this past week. So....I'm fixin to read but thought I'd check your blog first.

I can see in my own life that sometimes I am prone to want to do something because of pride. I don't want to be like that and I hope that I will become more and more like Christ as time goes on.

God bless you....


God's girl said...

Amen! I'm with you when you prayed..."keep my tongue from evil and my lips from speaking lies."

It's so easy to spew words sometimes without thinking, and I needed this post.

Blessings! Heaven