Friday, January 16, 2009

The Gift of Tears

Today’s reading would make such a great movie! I remember seeing Donny Osmond portraying Joseph in the production of “The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat” Even though I knew the story well, I was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for Joseph’s brother’s to discover that Joseph was still alive.

Several times in our reading today we see Joseph weeping (Genesis 42:24, 43:30, 44:1,2,14,15). There are times in our life when tears are our only response. Words fall short of expression. Nothing audible could convey our emotions. Tears are a universal language. They speak for themselves. Words would only mar their sacred shedding. Tears speak louder and clearer than the most trained voice. Chuck Swindoll writes, “Tears have a language all their own, a tongue that needs no interpreter.” Tears are a response of our heart.

There is great strength in tears. I read this quote recently, “Weeping arises from the heart and signifies an open and softened heart. Perhaps that is why so many people are embarrassed to cry; they do not want to reveal their vulnerability.”

For many years I was one who guarded herself against tears. I would set my jaw and close myself off from feeling. My heart was hard and cold. I didn’t want to be moved by pain that would cut deep. I wanted to be strong. I wanted to stay in control. The Lord has done an amazing work on this callous heart of mine. He took what was dead and numb and has birthed sensitivity and compassion. He has given me His heart for others and has thawed ice.

I’ve heard it said that the same sun melts wax or hardens clay. It is the condition of the object that brings the result from the sun. What is your heart condition today? Joseph’s heart was pliable, forgiving, kind and filled with love. Let the Son shine on your heart today, that you might be touched by the things that stir His heart and respond to others with His love.

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Laura said...

The scene where Joseph has to leave the room from his brothers' presence so they will not see him crying always makes me cry. The scripture says he cried so hard that everyone could hear him. Can you imagine the grief behind those tears? Such an amazing story, and one I never tire of either.

I got your email! I hope the package doesn't take too long to get there.

Love you!

lisasmith said...

I love this!!! There is strength in tears...good, rich words, Joy!

Luanne said...

Thanks for your posts on our readings. God bless!