Friday, January 30, 2009

Rhetorical Questions

I never liked multiple choice questions on an exam. I usually over-thought the answer or assumed there was a hidden meaning or trick in the response. Today in our reading we are met by approximately 60 questions, which if multiple choice, all would have had the same answer - God!

The Lord silences Job with His list of rhetorical questions. Questions intended to provoke thought as opposed to bringing an answer. Questions that confront Job with the truth that God is God and he is not. Job is reminded that what he knows is so nothing to what he knows not and what he can do so small compared to what God can do. Job submits in humility which prepares him now for deliverance.

As I read through all the questions my heart thrilled with God's power and majesty. My heart is singing, "How Great is Our God". Will you lift up your voice and join me in song? That's NOT a rhetorical question!

(I chose this version of the song because two sweet young girls are signing the song and when my twin sister and I were their age we used to travel around singing and signing at churches and deaf weddings.)

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The Cobbs said...

I love that part of the book of Job. God just lays it on the line and tells Job, "You weren't here at the beginning, You don't see the whole picture, You don't know how everything is going to work out--but I do." God is so amazing.

Tracie Miles said...

I think that passage is a great reminder too. So many times we get caught up in thinking we know what is best and we know what to do in certain situations, but reality is, we dont know anything! Truly helps us remember who is in charge and that God is so deserving of our praise and worship.

lisasmith said...


I do love the idea of God's asking touching Job so deeply to silence...Some would say it certainly takes an act of God to silence me (haha) Seriously, I love reading htis passage. God is so faithful!!

Did you know that one of my dreams to learn to sign with my daughters so that I can sign in worship?