Saturday, January 10, 2009

Desparate Housewives

Today's reading began in Genesis 28 with Jacob's dream. I was reminded that the Lord can speak to us while we are sleeping. If you awaken with an amazing idea or thought, or if you suddenly know the direction you should take in a situation you are facing, thank the Lord. Daniel experienced this as well: "Now as he was speaking with me, I was in a deep sleep on my face toward the ground: but he touched me, and set me upright." God can rouse us from slumber with the answers we seek.

The remainder of our reading focused on a couple of desperate housewives. Jealousy, comparison, and resentment birth a series of events as Jacob's wives strive for his affection.

I heard a message last summer based on this passage of scripture. The speaker, Doug Blair, entitled his sermon, "A woman who was a '3' in a world of '10's." Have you been there? In our society outward beauty is sought at all costs. It tells us in Genesis 29:17 that "There was no sparkle in Leah's eyes, but Rachel had a beautiful figure and a lovely face". Nothing about Leah's appearance captured the attention of others. Years later, that would have put her in good company as it was said of Christ, "He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him", Isaiah 53:2.

Not only did Leah struggle with her physical appearance, but she lacked guidance (her father sold her for money) and romance. She is broken hearted and a hurting heart can lead to great bitterness.

Our pain does not go unnoticed. The Lord saw her brokenness, Genesis 29:31, and He blessed her with children. As she gave birth to each son, the longings of her heart dictate each name. Her first son Reuben means "see me". She is crying out for Jacob to see her. Her second son, Simeon means "listen to me", a plea for her husband to listen to her. Her third son's name Levi is the word for "attached", a desperate call for love. Her heart wonders, have I done enough now? Will you love me now? The forth son is Judah, meaning "praise". Something had obviously happened.

What can you do when you're being ignored? How can you respond when others are telling you you're a '3' even on your best day? Turn to the Lord to find your significance. Leah turned her eyes from her husband, sister and father to God. Her circumstances didn't change, but she began to realize that God was active in her life.

Leah had six sons. From her son Judah came the line of all the Kings, including Jesus. From Levi came all the priests. It's interesting to note that in Genesis 49:28-31 we read how Jacob is buried with Leah. History valued Leah (Ruth 4:11). In eternity Leah is very significant, yet she died unaware of her signficance. Through Leah came blessing, honour and salvation.

One last thought comes to my attention. Reread Genesis 30: 1-3. Do you see it? Rachel wanted to die because she was so desperate to have children. What was at the root of this desperation? Jealousy. Now the beautiful Rachel is jealous of Leah. Although Leah has endured years of pain, she is still the reason for someone's jealousy. Both women were competing for love and desperate to be loved.

Today, if you are feeling unloved, overlooked and unappreciated, remember that God sees you. He loves you so very much. Like Leah, turn your eyes on Him and give Him praise. Praise can be the chorus that welcomes love.

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RefreshMom said...

Thanks for the reminder. I've never admitted this 'out loud' before, but recently I've had many days where I catch my reflection and my thought is "I used to be pretty." It's not really a discontent as much as it is a surprise at who I see in the mirror. At those times I'm glad to know that God looks on the inside.

hkudla said...

I really liked this. Thank you for your thoughts.
Right now... like this very minute I am really struggling. I am in the house, it is a very cold day. the kids are going crazy. I can't seem to get alone long enough to pray. I feel trapped. I know I am not trapped. I know that God loves me, and that though my situation seems bleak right now, it really isn't.

Yet right now I am calling myself a 3 in a world of 10's. Right now I am rating myself down so much.

It is a problem, and one of those days where I feel like curling up and crying. sigh. Not good when I have mouthing off kids in the house.

Well, i am hoping and praying that God will turn around my attitude. It needs some major adjustment! So does my perspective and view point.

thanks for sharing your insights after your time with God. I love coming over here and reading them every morning!
God bless,

Charlene Kidd said...

This is great information. I love your insight. The ski pictures are under Katie's pics from my page.

hkudla said...

I also wanted you to know that I linked to this post in my most recent one. I thought you should know...
it was a follow up post to how awful I felt yesterday...

Still feeling down today... struggled again, but doing a bit better now. Thank you for your encouragement and prayer my friend! I am blessed to call you my friend!
Love you,