Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Flimsy Walls

“It’s as if the people have built a flimsy wall, and these prophets are trying to reinforce it by covering it with whitewash!” Ezekiel 13:10

Noticing too late that the hem of my skirt was falling, and despising mending, I grabbed a roll of tape and began sticking instead of stitching. Surely this would hold well enough. Unfortunately, before the day was over, more than my hem was falling down, and now I was trying to hide two wardrobe malfunctions.

Short cuts. A quick fix. Masterpiece replaced by mediocre. Flimsy instead of firm.

Where else in my life am I trying to reinforce and brace “flimsy walls” that should be torn down? Not because the building isn’t needed, but because the construction is careless and the foundation weak.

Too often we try and paint over a poor effort, trusting in appearance. We think if everything looks good on the outside, the “hem line” in place, superficiality will pass scrutiny. Maybe we’ll fool some, but those walls will fall in time, and certainly God recognizes the “whitewash”.

We build our lives on straw and twigs instead of brick. Brick building takes time. It’s hard work. It requires great effort. With God as our Cornerstone, we dig into His Word and apply the mortar of prayer. These two elements ground any building project so that a heavy rainstorm will not undermine it and great hailstones and mighty winds will not knock it down (Ezekiel 13:11).

Flimsy walls, no matter how beautifully decorated, won’t last. They will fail and fall. Being daily dedicated and devoted to the teaching of God’s Word and prayer will make for solid, stable walls that will succeed and stand.

When the storm comes, will your walls stand?

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Robert said...

Checked out your blogs briefly. (Well done!) Your love of our traditional hymns caught my eye, as well as the fact that you are a fellow-Canadian.

I have studied hymns for all of my lo-ong adult life, have written a weekly newspaper column on them, and now a daily blog on the subject, Wordwise Hymns. I encourage you to check out the latter; I believe it will be a blessing.

Danielle said...

You know how to cut right to the chase... no holding back! Which, is what I love about your blog. You aren't just here spouting off things--you take your own walk with the Lord and share it.

Thank you!

Lori said...

Thank you Joy for opening up this verse even more! Oh, that I may know God's Word more and more. That it would be more alive and active in me as each passing day ends. That I would be able to stand firm in God's Truths.
Love, Lori - AZ

Yolanda said...

Joy, Beautifully said, and full of truth. Gonna go work on some brick building.


~Grace and Peace said...

You made me laugh with the taping of the hem - because I have done that as well. I'm all for short cuts and like you, I have also realized that it does not work most of the time. (Okay, maybe until lunchtime but then the tape falls off and you're walking around with the hem AND a piece of tape showing.)

Thank you for the reminder that we cannot do the same for our spiritual life. My problem is impatience. And the good Lord is working that out of me. If only I'd stay still.

Have a blessed day!

Runner Mom said...

Joy, this post is wonderful. I loved Wendy's and popped over here. So many powerful truths. I am working on that brick building now. I told a key figure in our church "no" to a good thing yesterday because God is whipering for me to know His Word more deeply. I am keeping my plate empty this fall.That was so hard to do, but I did it, and the phone has not rung even once today!!

Love you!