Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Saving Traps

“He has placed a trap in my path and turned me back.” Lamentations 1:13

The sign said “Road Closed”, yet the car ahead of me drove on. A barricade had been erected for a reason, but the warning wasn’t heeded. The result might have been a hole in the muffler and a repair bill that could have been avoided.

Lamentations speaks of traps. We usually think of traps as either catching, confining or killing. Traps are generally set for the purpose of holding or hindering. They prevent or stifle movement.

As I read the verse above, my heart rejoiced for the times the Lord has set a trap in my path, not for the purpose of death, but detour. In His love He sets up a roadblock to get me to turn back. Heading away from Him, He sets a saving trap of love.

In Acts 16 the Holy Spirit blocked Paul and Silas twice in their journey. He blocked Balaam and his donkey in their travels. Sometimes a trap isn’t to be overcome, but for us to succumb. It’s for our protection. Heading the wrong way, God is keeping us from unknown pain.

Traps should be welcomed, if God sets them before us. They should serve as a big neon light that warns of danger ahead should we keep pursuing this path.

Today I am praying that God will set a trap in the path of a very dear soul, and that they will heed it and turn back. Specifically, I pray the plans this one had for today will be thwarted. Lord, I need to see a miracle. Please set a saving trap.

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Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

Praying with you for that "dear soul" in your life. May God's will and purpose be accomplished today.

Watching for His answer,

Genny said...

I will pray for your friend, too. This post reminded me of times in my life when I hit a "trap" and, at the time, didn't know it was a saving device from God. Sometimes those traps seem like irritations or setbacks, when really they are exactly what we need!

Thanks, Joy, for commenting on my interview at Kristen's. I truly appreciate it! I hope you are doing well. :)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Too bizarre you should post about Balaam's donkey! Just this morning, I prayed for a Balaam roadblock on behalf of a grandmother whose grandson is walking down a treacherous path. I'm believing God for the answer even now. We never know the detours God will use to accomplish his good purposes. I believe our prayers are sometimes the catalyst that makes all the difference.

Keep praying, friend, and enjoy your show tonight. Wish I was there to play dress up with you and absorb the beauty of the event.


Karen said...


I hope you are okay! Not that you can't miss a day of posting without the world ending, but with all that is going on in your life, I just hope you are enjoying yourself!

I am keeping you in my prayers!