Saturday, August 1, 2009

Outside the Box

“It was a place where people…walked freely and without fear.” Nahum 2:11

Walked freely? Without fear? Really? Where is this place? I’d move there in a heartbeat. Yet, it’s not the location that brings liberty. My fears flow like a blood disease through my veins. They’d unfortunately be going with me. If only a change of address was enough. If only it could be that simple.

This place is a place of trust. It’s believing in my heart what I know in my head. It’s living by faith.

Question: Do I believe God can free me from all fear? You see, we can never live beyond what we believe. I can say I believe God is bigger than my biggest fears, but my actions give me away.

I had a friend share with me yesterday that she sees me living in a box of fear.

I want to respond defensively. I want to qualify and justify my fears. Yet, the reality is, she’s right. Fear dictates my choices and keeps me living so much less than all God created for me. I sit, curled up in a corner, of a dark, cardboard box.

I honestly don’t know what makes the breakthrough. How do I embrace with my heart and begin to live what my head tells me is true?

Will this enemy ever be defeated? The battle is so tiring and too often I wave a white flag of surrender.

I’m not down…I have hope…I’m just thinking out loud and dreaming of living outside the box.

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Lori said...

Joy, God is preparing you to live outside the box! God has not placed in your heart a Spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Tim. 1:7 NKJV. A spirit of fearfulness and timidity does not come from God. These fearful thoughts are feelings, and feelings many times are from the devil himself! Immediately, replace those feelings with a Truth, a scripture that you know is from your Father. Offer up praises to God (this will keep the enemy away too) for giving you a Spirit of power, love and of a sound mind.

God has discussed fear in the Bible 365 times! I think He really is trying to tell us something. It's something I have a long way to go too, but I often wonder how many times I've missed out on a blessing He wants to give me, because I've allowed myself to be fearful? I'm so afraid of change, and it gets down to really just not trusting in God to be there with me. His Word, the Truth says He never leaves our side. He goes out in front of us, He even follows us from behind. Oh, if we could just let go, and let God take over completely. As scary as it is, I too am seeking Him to guide me outside of the box. The lid is open, but I'm still clinging to the inside, to the familiar, the routine, where it is just so comfortable! But, God wants us out of our comfort zone; it is only outside that he truly will get us to lean on Him, rather than walk down the path, the familiar route.

Great post, Joy~ I can totally relate and love your honesty!
Hugs, Lori - AZ