Saturday, August 29, 2009

Want To's

“We will do whatever we want.” Jeremiah 44:17

Arriving home from the Beth Moore Simulcast, I wrote on my Facebook Status: “I’m asking God to make His want to, my want to. As Beth Moore prayed: Lord, mess with my heart.”

Finding the above verse in my reading today reminded me of something else Beth said over and over, “At the end of the day, people do what they want to.”

Basing her teaching this weekend on Psalm 37, with focus on verse 4, Beth shared that nothing dictates our lives like our desires.

Tonight I am asking myself, what do I want in life and from life? For what am I yearning? Beth said that sometimes we are so fixated on what we want that we never do what it takes to get there.

Christ’s first words in the book of John are found in chapter one, verse 38. Jesus asks, “What is it you want?”

I am joining with the people in the book of Jeremiah and praying that the LORD my God will show me what to do and where to go (42:3). Father I desperately long to desire You more than anything else. Lord, make Your want to, my want to.

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Laura said...

Oh, this is so good! We are ruled by our desires, so true. I pray He is the desire of my heart.

Sounds like a wonderful simulcast!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I don't know. Maybe Beth Moore is right about the vast majority of people, but her description does not apply to the people I know. Most of the people I know are not ruled by their desires. I know a lot of people -- my colleagues, my neighbors (most of whom belong to the same parish) -- who put the needs of others before their own desires routinely. I assume this is a matter of God leading them. They show that there is a lot of hope and good in this world.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is awesome! I have loved reading everyone's experiences of this simulcast. Thank you for sharing that. I am going to make that my prayer as well!

~Grace and Peace said...

This is the prayer of my heart as well. The only problem is "my way" keeps getting in the way!

I totally missed out on that simulcast. Haven't studied any Beth Moore materials yet but from what I've been reading about her, I'm missing out on that, too! Thank you for sharing what you have learned from her.