Thursday, February 19, 2009

Authentic Worship, Surrendered Posture

While working on Beth Moore's "Stepping Up" Bible study, she encouraged the participant to practice something I had only done on a few occasions in the past. Before we began our homework each day she suggested we take our places on our faces. Although I was very accustomed to kneeling when I pray, to lie down with my nose in the carpet had only occurred at rare times previously.

Today we read how the people saw God display His glory and holiness and their immediate response was that they "shouted with joy and fell face down on the ground". Joshua's reaction was the same when he encountered the commander of God's army in Joshua 5:14, he "fell, face to the ground, and worshiped". When Peter, James, John and Paul encountered Christ they did the one thing they had never done before, they fell face down to the ground.

The Israelites triumphed in the assurance that God was with them and then they humbly adored His majesty. It is a gracious fear that makes us bow before Him. We have truly seen Him when our response involves the lowest reverence.

I have to admit, when I started to do this, it felt awkward. It was just different. I usually waited until just after 6am in the morning. My husband had left for work and my son was still asleep. I would literally lay straight out on the floor and envision myself at His feet. It was uncomfortable at first, but that changed as the weeks went on. Something real and significant took place in my spirit. I can't describe it, yet I can't deny it.

Mark chapter 4 tells us how Jesus spent time sharing parables with the people, but when He was alone with His disciples He would explain everything. God not only draws us to our faces in awe of who He is, but to speak to us. I need this intimate, quiet, alone time with Him so that He can share with me the secrets of the kingdom of heaven. I need this soaking to hear Him speaking.

Christ Himself led by example. In the Garden of Gethsemane He sought the face of His Father in the most profound of all examples of worship, on His face, on the ground saying, "Not my will, by Your will be done". It's a posture of surrender.

If you've been sensing a lack of power in your walk with the Lord, get down on your face in worship. Lay and listen. Wait. He lay down His life for us, surely we can "lay down" at His feet and take our places on our faces.

1 Peter 5:6 is a beautiful reminder that when we humble ourselves under God's mighty hand, that He will lift us up in due time. The imprint of 'carpet lines' on our cheeks might best reflect His glory.

Wendy used this song with her post today and it fits so nicely with my writing as well. Let's worship Him together today.

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Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Indeed I sometimes do feel that somethins is "lacking" with me in my relationship with God. Maybe this is it!


lisasmith said...


Thanks for sharing. Time spent quietly waiting to hear my Lord speak is some of the best time I have. It used to be awkward and hard but now I jump at His invitation and He speaks every single time. What an awesome God we serve!!

PS We are well! Thanks for your prayers.