Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Face to Face

It was actually just a simple gesture, but I have never forgotten it because it meant the world to me.

Sitting in the center of the table was a gorgeous candelabra. Absolutely exquisite. The candles were lit and the decor breathtaking. Yet, very quietly, she leaned over, and cupping each flame, she extinguished every candle one by one. She was now looking at me face to face, no obstruction blocking our view, and she spoke words that have remained forever etched on my heart, "I want to see you when I talk to you".

She was all about 'seeing'. Seeing past phrases, sentences, facial expressions, body language and into the very core of my heart. She knew the art of listening, and realized it involved so much more than just 'hearing'. I will always remember seeing my "Father's Eyes" that night.

Today we read of Moses opportunity in Exodus 33:11 to see God "face to face". The veil was removed so that nothing blocked their view as they communed together. Do you know what it awakens inside me when someone wants to see me that deeply? No surface acquaintance. No passing ‘hello’. Oh, the desire to be known. The longing for someone to care enough to look past the outer surface and journey to the depths. A casual greeting isn’t sufficient. An exchange of pleasantries doesn’t suffice.

That evening when someone took time to ‘see’ me there were ten of us seated around that table. Conversation continued to swirl and fill the room, yet for an instant the world hushed as in that intimate moment God spoke to my heart. A heart craving to be noticed and ‘seen’. For a solitary second, all pretence was stripped away and the Lord captured my attention. It was so much more than an kind gesture. It was God speaking to my heart.

“Joy, I see you. I will do whatever it takes to get close to you. I will knock down prison doors. I will destroy walls of strongholds. I will remove obstacles of character and emotion. It doesn’t matter what I see, I love you. To Me, you are absolutely beautiful. I want to heal each ache. I want My blood to flow into every area of your life that has become numb. I will replace your heart of stone.”

Suddenly, the fear of never being seen surpassed the fear of being seen.

Is there a ‘veil’ between you and God today? Is there something that you have kept as a safeguard of protection? Is God at arms length because you are keeping Him away? An obstacle is something immaterial that stands in the way and must be circumvented or surmounted. It impedes and holds up progress. It prevents you from receiving what you really need. It’s a barrier that limits and hinders God’s work in your life. I’m guessing, like me, your real “candelabra” is internal, but it still needs extinguishing so God can see you face to face. May the breath of God breathe on you today. May His Living Water quench flames of resistance and may the only burning be that of your heart longing for Him.

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Laura said...

"Suddenly, the fear of never being seen surpassed the fear of being seen."

This spoke to something deep inside, Joy.

Simply beautiful.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

We give one another a gift when we really take the time to "see" each other, "hear" each other, "know" each other. This is the way of sacred relationship. Unfortunately, it so rarely is embraced.

I don't know if you remember when we got ready to say our goodbyes at P31, but I told you that I would have missed a great deal in my life had I not taken the time to meet you in Charlotte.

I meant it then. I mean it know. You are a rich treasure in my heart and life, and I know that I can be real with you all the time.

Thanks for loving me God's way, friend. I hope and pray that your father is recovering well today. would love some more details when time allows.

As always...


lisasmith said... I love that God desires to "see" me. I'm so thankful that on this journey I've found a few that "see" me too. Thanks, Joy.

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

You have such a gift a drawing pictures with words! What a sweet picture of how God wants to really see us! I'm pretty sure I'm guilty of trying to hide!