Saturday, February 14, 2009

In a Cloud

Last night I was answering one of those fun questionnaires that circulates through e-mail and Facebook. A question asked: One wish? My response: "to know I'm in the center of God's will".

How I envy the Israelites as they had such clear direction. No doubts. No guess work. Eleven times in today's passage alone we read, "just as the LORD had commanded". They were obedient to definite direction. Guidance continued as they not only knew what to do, but when to move.

Do you ever long for such clarity? Every day we face choices. If they were between good and bad the answers would be easier, but most often the decision lies between the good and the best. Neither option wrong, but only one can be taken. Regularly my head feels "in a cloud" instead of lead by one. I long to know the freedom from haze that settles over this 'tent'.


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Lori said...

Your blogs refresh my heart and I love reading about how God blesses you each day with His Word. Your beautifully written blogs bring inspiration to me! God has blessed you, to bring glory to Him. I'm new to reading blogs and I'm just on cloud nine, knowing that my heavenly Father has brought so many wonderful sister's my way!

I'm praying for your family...just want you to know. It's an honor to me to lift you up in prayer. I was thinking about your topic at the tea yesterday. God whispered to me as I was praying for you, "I am BIG." He has your family in HIS hands. He knows everything; all the details. Seek His presence and He will not give you more than you can bare. Through our suffering times He brings a sweet joy. He is our life preserver. We cling to Him. I completely felt overwhelmed at just how BIG our GOD is, this morning as I was praying.

I'm praying for you dear sister. You don't know how you've been a blessing to me! Have a wonderful day, knowing that God is watching over you. :)
Lori, Mesa, AZ -

Julie said...

Loved your post today and also the one on your Ponderings really have a way with words!

Have a great weekend!

Renee Swope said...

Hi my friend,

I've been trying to find your post to see if you shared about your father's diagnosis. How are you? How is your mom and your dad? And your sister? How can I pray?

I love you!