Sunday, February 15, 2009

God's Altar, My Surrender

"They each placed their gifts before the altar". Numbers 7:10b

This morning God is calling me to place my gifts before the altar. Too often I bring what is easy. God desires me to bring what is needed. Needed in order to draw closer to Him. Needed in order to walk this life fully His. As I invite Him to search my heart, what does He desire me to place before His presence? What necessary must be surrendered so that He can do a further work in me?

I sense He is calling me to something deeper. A releasing in order to receive. I'm struggling with the knowing and the letting go.

The gifts the leaders brought were "dedication gifts", evidence of complete and wholehearted loyalty and faithfulness.

Father, I bow before Your altar. My face on the ground. Lord, what is it You are requiring of me? Give me courage to relinquish whatever You ask, leave it at Your altar and walk away. Remove the desire that accompanies the tight grip. Break me Lord, so there is no need to pry it out of clenched fists. That's not an offering, that's a forceful taking. I'm too weary to fight. The holding on has exhausted. The greatest gift is that which is the toughest surrender. Consecrate my cherished and hold me gently. Fill the gap the giving exposes. Fill me with Yourself.

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Lori said...

About a month ago, I prayed to God to show me anything on my heart that should not be there. I seeked to get closer to Him...I did not realize what was about to happen...he did indeed answer this prayer request. Through a two-experience with him I was drawn so close to Him. He allowed me to suffer for a short time, but by relying on Him to get me through it, I experienced a joy not like before! I felt led to relinquish it, rather than to worry, which I normally do. I asked Him to show me each step of the way and HE did. Each day for this two week period he led me as I totally let go of it. I felt so close to Him and the joy at the end of the suffering was the best-ever! He got the glory! Praise the LORD for HE is GOOD!!!!

Innocently, I asked Him to show me, but I never saw it at the time as placing it before the altar. Thank you for teaching this to me! I love God's spirit in you, dear sister!

Lori - Mesa, AZ