Monday, February 16, 2009

Listening in the Wilderness

"...the LORD spoke to Moses in the wilderness..." Numbers 9:1

"Rod Nash, wilderness historian, tells us that wilderness is a difficult word to define. While the word is a noun, it acts like an adjective. There is no specific material object that is 'wilderness'. There is no universal definition of wilderness. He believes that wilderness is so heavily weighed with meaning of a personal, symbolic, and changing kind that it is difficult to define."

The 'wilderness' can be a deserted place, disordered, confused and wild, yet it can also be a santuary, an escape, a place away from pressures. It's a place where you can feel lost or found.

Our reading today encourages that God speaks to us in our wilderness. Eugene Peterson writes that "Anybody who has anything to do with God spends time in the wilderness". Sometimes God chases us to the wilderness to get our attention. It's not a place, but a situation. God is into transformation and the wilderness is His classroom. It's often a time of testing where we settle the question, "Who is in control?"

In Hebrew, the word for wilderness is midbar. It is surely interesting that the root of midbar has the meaning of "speak" or "word." God truly does speak to us in the wilderness.

Hosea 2:14 says, "Therefore, behold, I will allure her, bring her into the wilderness and speak kindly to her." Has God called you into the wilderness? Don't be frightened. Although uncertainties quite often accompany the wilderness, you are not alone. God desires to speak tenderly to you. The mighty, rushing wind of His Spirit is blowing. The true Vine wants us abiding in Him.

Listening in the be-wilderness.

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~ Sorry for the late post today. It is "Family Day" here in Ontario and both my husband and son are home. I've resolved that I will not be on the computer if they are home. They are currently out for a couple of hours of down-hill skiing! Thanks for your patience.

Quote from: Wilderness and the American Mind, Roderick Nash, Yale University Press, 1982


RefreshMom said...

Lovely post Joy. We have been in a bit of a wilderness for a while; wondering if we're actually hearing Him while we plug away, trying to do what we think he called us to to begin with.

I came here today to let you know I'll be praying for your father.

May He give you both peace.

On Purpose said...

Thank you Joy for writing from your heart...where He lives and inspires you! May you enjoy your family day!

Love to you my friend! I always feel blessed and encouraged when I come here.

Nicole said...

Great post. I am taking a Beth Moor study on the tabernacle and how God lead the Israelites into the wilderness. This is so prevalent to what I am currently studying. Thank you for writing this, like Nichole said, from your heart.


lisasmith said...

love this!! The verse in Hosea is one of my all time favs. Love how God ties it all together!!

And, my hubs is now sicko so it may awhile before I am able to post myself...oh well.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

What's family day? I want one.