Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spared for a Purpose

"But I have spared you for a purpose - to show you my power and to spread my fame throughout the earth." Exodus 9:16

"Spared for a purpose" extends an invitation to look back as well as suggesting hope for the future. Other's may have perished, but God is sparing you for a reason.

If you are reading this today, God is sparing you for a purpose. The Lord has something more for me to do and you to do. Regardless of age, if God is giving you breath, He still has plans to use you to show His power and spread His fame. Share the stories of how God has brought you this far. Tell others how He has sustained you during difficult times. Show His mercy. Shower His love. Boldly proclaim His truth.

All my life I have known that I was spared for a purpose. When my Mom gave birth to my twin sister and I at 25 weeks, Doctors said there was no hope for either of our survival. Back almost 47 years ago now, technology wasn't what it is today, and two little one pound babies were left in the Hands of God.

He chose to spare my sister and I. I confess to taking this miracle for granted until May 20th 2005. On this day a sweet friend of mine gave birth to two little girls, born at 25 weeks weighing just a couple of pounds. They were delivered in a hospital designed to care for high risk births, yet hours after being born, both Hope and Desire went to be with the Lord.

Questions swirled for days. Why Lord? Why did You choose to take these precious little girls? This pregnancy had been such a cause for rejoicing as infertility had been such an enemy for years. The birth story had mirrored mine, except for the final outcome. Why was I spared and these little ones taken?

Suddenly my life took on new meaning. Was I fulfilling the purpose God has for me? I wanted to seize each moment. The air smelled sweeter. Each act of service a delight. Each awakening a new day to love and follow Him. A new passion was birthed in my soul. A passion to live in the center of His will, sharing His story and showing His glory.

Whether complications surround your birth or not, God has spared you until this very moment. How are you going to live for Him today? What purpose has He designed for you? Let's not waste a day. Live on purpose and then come back and share with me how Your life proclaimed His Name today.

(If you want to read the complete story of my birth and see pictures of my twin sister and I, click here.)

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lisasmith said...

Love your story, Joy, just love it!