Friday, February 13, 2009

Scarlet Thread

My patchwork heart needs the mending of a scarlet thread.

Yesterday it was bruised with the news of my Dad’s cancer.

A piece has broken and needs the gentle stitching of heavens Hands.

Decorate my life with the “beautiful embroidery” of “scarlet thread” (Ex. 38:18).

Blood that flowed and is familiar with suffering.

Entwine my heart with Yours.

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elaine @ peace for the journey said...

You know my heart is tied to yours this day...

and to our Father's. We are connected because of that scarlet thread.

Please keep me updated as you feel you can.

I love you.

peace, friend, always Peace.


Laura said...

I'm tied in here too, my sweet friend. Know that prayers are being sent up and feel my hugs.



Sita said...

I still remember the raw emotion of when I first heard my brother's diagnosis of kidney cancer. I still remember that I needed to be carried in prayer as my words many times could not come...
please know my heart is also tied to yours..

"Jesus, You are interceding at the throne of mercy right now for Joy's dad and the family..please voice the words that bring healing, comfort, mercy, grace, provision, angels in fleshly form to surround..Thank You, Lord."

Thankful said...

Sis: Courage to go ahead is always strengthened by the amazement of looking back at God's faithfulness!...Today my heart feels crushed but...I choose to trust in the sufficiency and the love of our Savior....
As Dad said...God is good and we'll see this through with HIM!!
Love you so much...alwaysfadecury

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Praying for your Dad and Mom, for you and your sisters during this difficult time! So great that all of you know the Great Physician and are trusting Him to get you through!

Love you,


B His Girl said...

Praying for your Dad and your family. His thread is strong. B

Lisa V said...

I came over here from Tracie Miles blog. I'm so sorry to hear the news of your Dad. May God keep you strengthened.

Tea With Tiffany said...

I'm tied with you. May the God of all comfort come close and whisper hope and love!