Friday, April 3, 2009

Accused, Used and Abused

When I was in High School, there was a girl who lived at the corner of my street whom my twin sister and I would 'call on' every day as we passed her house. We walked to school together for years, yet it was always the same. As soon as we reached the corner of the school property she would say, 'Bye twins' and hurry away. I guess you'd have to say that my sister and I were 'nerds' back in those days, and although she seemed to enjoy our company over the mile that we walked daily, she did not want to be seen with us by her peers.

At lunch time my Dad would pick us up every day and take us home. Again this "friend" would suddenly appear and hurry to our car, hoping not to be seen with us in the school parking lot, but appreciating the free ride home, both at lunch and at the end of each school day. Basically we were being 'used' because of the transportation we provided, especially on those cold, snowy, wintery days. Not acknowledged in the halls of the school and teased and ridiculed by this same girl when she was with her 'real friends', my sister and I know the hurt and pain of being taken advantage of and exploited. We were often accused, daily used and our relationship abused.

The story that spoke the most to me today was in Judges 11. Jephthat, being the son of a prostitute, was chased off the land by his half brothers. Yet, because he was a mighty warrior, in their time of need, when being attacked by the Ammonites, they suddenly desire his friendship and his fighting prowess.

Jephthat asks, "Why do you come to me now when you're in trouble?" vs.7. They reply in verse 8, "Because we need you."

Being used. Maybe you've been the 'used' or the 'usee' :o) Neither is good. But, then I was wondering.

Am I sometimes like that in my relationship with the Lord? Do I sometimes go days without even acknowledging His presence in my life? Is He walking along right beside me and I'm not even speaking one word to Him? Are there times when I'm out with my peers, and I'm ashamed or too embarassed to mention His name? Do I not stop and admit to knowing Him in the 'halls' of life? Then, I'm being "attacked" and suddenly I'm calling for His help and He's hurting, wondering, "Why do you come to Me now when you're in trouble?" And I answer the same way, "Because I need You."

Lord, I can do NOTHING on my own. I need Thee every hour...EVERY hour, minute, second.... Father, help me not to forget or cast You aside and think I can ever stand on my own. In bad times and good times I desperately need Your presence in my life. May my own self-confidence and pride never blind my eyes to my need for You. You are my love, my life, my all. Give me courage to boldly proclaim that I am not only Your friend, but Your child. Thank You that even when time goes by and my actions speak that I have forgotten You, You never have me out of Your line of vision. I am the apple of Your eye, precious and honoured in Your sight.

Needing You always.

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Anonymous said...

SO SO POWERFUL.....Thank you!

Carol said...

I remember having a conversation with you about some struggles I was facing with the same kind of a 'taker' friend!!! Great writing... loved it. I was thinking the other day about how I rave to people about a new vitamin that I found that works, or a great recipe or a great cleaning product... but do I share Jesus with them with the same enthusiasm.. Honestly... I don't. I am ashamed of that. Thanks for the reminder today!!!

Big hugs from here!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Well, yes, I know what it is to be used, and you and your sister and your dad were much kinder than I would have been. Gracious, not only do you need me now, you needed me then!

Seriously, though, what a great truth you've painted here as it pertains to our seeking out the Lord, only when we "need" Him. I want my walk with him to be a daily companionship, and I was reading, I was thinking about walk to Emmaus...that long chat with Jesus about Jesus and then the meal where he revealed the truth of who he IS. I think that should be the goal of our walking with Jesus.

Revelation of the Truth. Thanks, Joy, for this gentle prod to get walking with Him today. He's such a good and faithful friend. So are you.


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

That was a great application of truth taken from the everyday of your life as a schoolgirl. So sad that people are like that. I'm sure we have all taken advantage of someone in some way...even if it was just a small thing. I feel bad knowing that surely I too have. And especially I know I have treat our Lord like that. Shame on me! Thank you for such a great post today.


lisasmith said...

Beautiful. Powerful. Moving.

I had a similar neighbor in high school :0 but can also remember being that similar neighbor many times myself.

~Trina~ said...

Excellent post. As I was sympathizing with you about the way this girl treated you and your sister, you grabbed me with your personal application to us.