Thursday, April 9, 2009


I remember the Sunday my husband and I dedicated our son to the Lord. Although we had aleady dedicated him to the Lord the day he was born, this was opportunity to publically present Him to the Lord and vow to do all we could to raise him to follow Jesus.

He looked so precious. We held our dearest little treasure. My sister wrote and sang a song of dedication. We surrendered his life for God's purposes and plans.

As I read of Hannah dedicating Samuel to the Lord today in 1 Samuel 1, my mind revisited that morning. That one time act has followed with daily action. It is a continual surrender, release and dedication. As he has grown, more needs to be relinquished and further trust needs to be put in God's hands. I have to keep giving him up entirely that he may be consecrated for the Lord's service and purposes. Father, may he remain steadfast, committed to You and devoted to Your heart and never, never turn away.

Christopher's Song, written by Japhia Scott

Christopher Robertson dear little lamb
God gave you to us what a gift from His hand.
With a touch of a whisper He made babies skin
And two tiny eyes He put starlight in.

Your mother and father in hope they endured
The strength of their love as you entered this world
A wonderful treasure more precious than gold
A lifetime of dreaming in our arms we hold

For strength and for wisdom, for grace from above
Please guide us and help us to show him Your love
That early in his live his heart is your home
With his hand in Yours he is never alone.

God brought to the sunshine a rainbow of joy
All wrapped in the treasure of your baby boy
Our hearts overflow as we commit him to Thee
Welcome dear Christopher to our family

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Marilyn in Mississippi said...


What a beautiful song your sister wrote for your son! I know you and he both treasure that! Lately I have been thinking about the ongoing cycle of life. Looking at our 4 month old grandson yesterday I thought about how that it seems like such a short time ago that his daddy...our oldest son....was that small. Now he's 30 and a Daddy of two. And I'm getting older every day. Funny how when we are young we think we have this L.O.N.G. time span out in front of us! And then when you get my age, you ask yourself, "Where has all the time gone?"

Hope you will have a blessed Easter dear Joy.


Lori said...

Is this too precious or what?! Wow, Joy...your twin has a special writing talent too! Thank you for sharing...
lori - mesa, AZ

MrsProverbs31 said...

Beautiful song. God bless you and I'm still praying for His Peace on you.