Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jonathan Friends

“'Tell me what I can do to help you,' Jonathan exclaimed." 1 Samuel 20:4

Yesterday I mustered up courage to go back to Tuesday morning Bible Study at my church. Since my Dad’s surgery on March 3rd, I have not returned to my ladies group. I arranged for the weekly teaching to be administered by another, and I withdrew myself from attendance, needing to be on call and available for my mother. Seven weeks ago when I pulled out of all commitments to support my Mom, I felt it was the best decision at that time. None of us anticipated that now, over a month and a half later, we would still be living under the effects of this nightmare.

Withdrawing from Bible Study was just an outward manifestation of a heart that had temporarily removed itself from life. Consumed with anxiety, fear, and stress, depression once again began knocking at my door. How easy to seclude one’s self and exist in the pit of pain. Breathing uncertainty and grave sadness, I was in need of a transfusion of hope.

That’s where some Jonathan friends stepped in yesterday. As I sat in their midst and shared briefly the current condition of my Dad, they inquired as to how they could pray for me and how they could help me. Then, at the urging of one, they quietly stood. Surrounded me. Placed hands on me and I was touched by God Himself. For a few brief moments I was carried before His throne of grace as angel voices petitioned heaven on my behalf. One gals’ tears spoke more than words could ever express. I was loved.

Jonathan friends. Four have been especially faithful on this journey and, like the lame man in the New Testament, these precious stretcher bearers have each taken a corner of my ‘mat’ and carried me, listening endlessly to my cries on days I’ve felt I cannot do life alone. You know who you are, and I thank you for travelling this dirt road with me. The dust on your feet is testimony of your close proximity to this weary walker.

This song ministered to my heart yesterday. I'm trusting the Lord as I wait.

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Judy Dearing said...

Precious faithful friends - truly blessings from God Himself!

Lori said...

Joy, Loved this...may we all strive to be *Jonathan's* to those around us that need a friend to go the extra mile! You are blessed dear sister! Sending my prayer's your way too! Love you!
Lori - AZ

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Beautiful song, Joy! I'm glad for your attending your ladies' group. Having some routine, albeit strange, during this time is good for the soul. You need the support of real-life people who can reach out and touch you. I can't do that; rest assured I'm doing it long distance, but I encourage you to keep seeking out trusting relationships that will bless you during this time, rather than drain you.

You know I love you. I'll send an email later.


Debra said...

Still waiting here too!
Debra Z

Sheryl said...

So wonderful to have those friends.

We must be a Jonathan friend to have jonathan friends, do you agree?

From my heart,