Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Felt Compelled

"I felt compelled..." 1 Samuel 13:12

Saul felt compelled to disobedience. He did not keep the Lord's command. His feelings betrayed him and led him astray. He walked a road of sin and consequences followed.

Do your feelings ever deceive you? I know mine do. An impression, although strong, can be wrong. My senses make wrong decisions, caught up in the emotion of a moment.

Yet, they can also compel me for good.
"For Christ's love compels us..." 2 Corinthians 5:14.

How I desire Christ to be the driving force behind every action, thought, word, and deed. I long for His urgency to flow through my very being, necessitating each breath I take so that my waking hours are all spent in faithful following.

It was Christ's love for us that compelled Him to the cross. A force beyond our understanding held His body there. It wasn't the nails. He felt compelled by a love so great that it is beyond human comprehension.

Today we celebrate our Risen Lord. The tomb stands empty. Death could not conquer such compelling.

Rejoicing today, and every day, because He Lives!

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lisasmith said...

Hey Joy!

I'm getting caught up on your blog. Although I haven't been visiting here, I am faithfully lifting up your family in prayer. I am praising Him for resurrection power today!

I love this post...I read ahead for tomorrow and saw Saul disobeying God by not killing everything and saying, "but they are going to sacrifice them to God." I hear my children giving me excuses as I read that and have been pondering excuses that resonate in my own heart.

Good word!

Lutiemom said...

Hi Joy,

Like yourself, I too noticed the scripture in 1 Sam Saul felt compelled.

I thought about it but you really were able to put it into words..."an impression, although strong, can be wrong." In the hustle and bustle of life, it is easy not to take the time and assume it is a feeling from God...stepping out of the hustle and bustle to talk to God is probably my best option.

Thanks for sharing, Joy. This really helped me put things into perspective.