Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Take Over

“Then Abner said to David, ‘Let me go and call an assembly of all Israel to support my lord the king. They will make a covenant with you to make you their king, and you will rule over everything your heart desires.’ So David sent Abner safely on his way.” 2 Samuel 3:21

Standing on the playground I waited for my name to be called. The two baseball teams were choosing players, and as choices narrowed, I feared being the last one standing. On a team by default, not want. Oh how wonderful it would have been to actually be part of the winning team.

Whenever opposition arises a question is posed, “Whose team are you on?” We all want to join forces with success. Abner wanted to take sides with David.

Beth Moore reminds us though, “God never comes to take sides. He comes to take over.” It’s not a hostile siege. It’s a holy surge.

“Take Over”
By Ruth Harms Calkin

At first, Lord, I ask You
To take sides with me.
With David the Psalmist
I circled and underlined;
“The Lord is for me…”
“Maintain my rights, O Lord…”
“Let me stand above my foes…”
But with all my pleading
I lay drenched in darkness
Until in utter confusion I cried,
“No, don’t take sides, Lord,
Just take over.”
And suddenly it was morning.

This surrendering is a daily, moment by moment releasing and resting in the One who can do more than we can ask or imagine.

Looking for my morning.

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On Purpose said...

May I truly submit my thoughts, words, actions and all of me and then stand in awe as He shines bright!

Joy He is working in you and through you...thank you!