Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Prayer

"Hear the cry and the prayer that your servant is making to you." 2 Chronicles 6:19

Dear Heavenly Father, I bow before Your presence this morning in holy awe. Lord, You are my everything. Your Name is majestic and Your love for me so amazing. You are so personal with me. You hold me so close and speak so tenderly. I praise You for who You are...Maker, Creator, Sustainer, Deliverer, Alpha and Omega, my Shelter, my Confidence, my Guide, my Rock, my Hope, Redeemer, Prince of Peace, Shield, Lifter of my head, Messiah, Keeper, Healer, Shepherd, Sanctifier, Comforter, Seeker, Rewarder, One who intercedes, Forgiver, Counselor and Friend.

Lord, You are answering prayer in amazing ways. I am seeing Your hand evident in our family situation with my Dad. You have provided us with the most amazing Chrisitan Personal Support Workers, giving Dad the care he needs. You have kept him close to home so much longer than we had originally been told. You have returned so much of his health and removed his med induced aggresssion and delusion. You are carrying my family and I, and strengthening our trust in You.

Father, I come to You again today, longing to see Your direction and plan. Monday it appears the hospital will be transfering Dad to another hospital. He will be in a cognitive care unit, which I guess is for his good, but Lord, it's further away. Although I know we can't keep going every day, I can't imagine NOT seeing Dad. I don't want to think of him as being lonely. He waits now at the elevators for us every day...sometimes from 5am...hours of looking...longing...yearning to see his family. Lord, will You hold his hand when we're not there and let him know Your presence and our love? I can't stand the thought of him being sad and by himself. His mind is such that we can't explain our absence and expect him to understand or remember.

Lord, will you help him more than adjust to his new location and routine? Will you encourage him to willingly participate in the many activities that are offered and help him embrace this change? Father, help him accept and welcome the new care-givers in his life. May the programs be beneficial and their training lasting.

Father, this won't be his last move. We still await a door to open for a long-term care facility. Lord, You know my choice. I want the best for Dad. I don't want to settle for acceptable. I know You can do more than I can ask or imagine. Father, we toured a home that was beyond my hopes and dreams. Dad could call this place 'home', I know he could. Lord, the waiting list is long, but that means nothing to You. I love that You don't know the word impossible. It's not in Your vocabulary. I'm removing it from mine and choosing to trust You.

Lord, thank You for the opportunities You are providing to testify of Your love to nurses, doctors, patient's, visitors, and hospital staff. Father, keep me faithful. Faithful in my witness for You in action and word. Thank You for those who are surrounding us with prayer. You are meeting our every need as we wait and trust in You.

The road is long. I'm tired. Hold me longer.

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Nicole said...

Beautiful honest, submitting prayer. I am lifting you and your family to the Lord tonight.

In Him,

Lori said...

Lord, we come to you and lay this situation in your hands. You, Lord, are our helper, we will not be afraid. Gently guide this beautiful family and place their dear father where you know he will be best suited. A place of peace. A place where the people are living together in harmony. Thank you for their steadfast minds as they trust in you to take care of their father. Open up a beautiful and harmonious home for their earthly father. Thank you that you always here our prayers. We wait patiently on you dear Lord. Amen. Lori - AZ