Saturday, July 11, 2009

Give Me Success

"Please, LORD, please give us success." Psalm 118:25

I heard this concept for the first time just five days ago. Sitting under the teaching of Dave Earley, Chairman of the Department of Pastoral Leadership for Liberty University and Liberty Theological Seminary, he opened my eyes to prayers in the Bible that God is pleased to answer, prayers that could change my life.

Hesitant to pray certain prayers from God's Word because they appear selfish upon initial reading, Dr. Earley was sharing some requests, that when offered with genuine reverence and humility, could help me grow spiritually and take me on quite the adventure. One such prayer was "give me success".

He recounted the story of Abraham's chief servant travelling to a distant land in search of a bride for Isaac. In spite of the fact this looked like Mission Impossible, he offered a simple prayer, "...give me success today...", Genesis 24:12.

To me this prayer sounds tainted with arrogance and brushed with self-importance. Reading it again today in the Psalms I'm still struggling with this idea, but hearing it twice in the space of a week is making me take notice. I do believe if motives are pure and the ultimate desire is to see God glorified and His name honoured, then God is pleased to answer this request. There is no pride or personal prosperity evidenced in the servant's inquiry, but prayer for success in a God-directed assignment.

Are you feeling led to pray for success in an area where God has called you to step out in faith? He will provide where He guides. Trust Him with the outcome of your obedience. God will have His endeavor through you accomplish it's intended purpose.

Please, LORD, please give us success.

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Deb said...

Wow! Can you believe this?

That God is dealing with both of us about offering prayers that on the surface seem selfishly motivated.

And then He brings us together like this to confirm the word that He has spoken to us.

Our loving God!

He's awesome. Amazing!

Doesn't He just rock your world with His word?

Thank you for being obedient to His word. Your post has encouraged me.

Thank you for the wonderful comment you left on my blog. I treasure your thoughts.

I read the posts that you have written since the one about "if God hadn't helped me." I got something that I needed to hear from all of them.

How can I sign up as a follower of your blog?

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I prayed for success on Wednesday. I asked God to show off. He did, despite my feeble flesh. I don't think it's a selfish prayer to pray as long as our motives are pure in intention. Have a great Sabbath rest, Joy. Love you.


Laura said...

I needed this one, Joy! I am a bit like you, always worried about my motives. God sees our hearts though, and I agree with Elaine. takes me a while to pray a prayer like this. This is one case where praying scripture helps!

RefreshMom said...

Thank you for sharing this! Someone close to me is humble to a fault and has probably never thought to pray such a prayer, but it would do such good. I'll be sharing this.