Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Unless The LORD Had Helped Me...

"Unless the LORD had helped me..." Psalm 94:17

There are so many examples in my life of situations where "unless the LORD had helped me", I would have failed miserably.

Unless the LORD had helped me...
~I never would have passed gym class
~I wouldn't have withstood peer pressure
~I couldn't have walked into that job interview
~my fingers would have floundered on the piano keys during my music exams
~never would my feet move into a plane or an elevator
~I would have been terrified raising a child
~I would never sleep during a thunderstorm
~I would have abandoned that relationship
~life would be too hard
~I would still be harbouring unforgiveness towards that person
~I would have spent so much of life living and trusting so small
~I would have surrendered to fear and never experienced Him as Provider
~I would have missed the opportunity of speaking at Ladies events
~depression would have conquered me
~I couldn't have volunteered to teach 3 year olds
~I never would have reached out to that person who is now a treasured friend
~nerves would have kept me from caring enough to confront
~insecurity would have bound my life in loneliness
~I couldn't love and obey Him like I do
~I would have said 'no' so many more times than I've wanted to say 'yes'
~I couldn't bring thoughts captive
~I would have lost hope
~I couldn't get up every morning longing to praise and follow Him

Unless the LORD had helped me, I would be nothing at all.

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elaine @ peace for the journey said...

How thankful I am for the unconditional and constant "help" of my Father who sustains me through life and gives me victory over my frailties. I'm depending on him to get me through tomorrow.

For the record, I'm glad he helped you get on the plane, friend. My life is better for that moment.


Deb said...

This is an extraordinary post.

I think that God is rejoicing over you right now because You allowed Him to help you and because you are sharing with others what He's done for you.

I plan to make my own list of "Unless the LORD had helped me..."--I would never have....

What a great way to give Him glory.