Wednesday, November 18, 2009


"As soon as they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus." Acts 19:5

Another powerful sermon was drawing to a close. An invitation was extended. An invitation not necessarily for a first step, but a next step.

I bowed my head, praying for all who would respond. Praying for those who were feeling the Spirit’s tug, yet resisting. As people near me started to stand and make their way to the altar, tears flowed unhindered. All around me, divine encounters were taking place and hearts were surrendering. Most were answering the call to follow Christ right then in the waters of baptism. As my brothers and sisters in the Lord went away to ready themselves for the next part of the service, I silently wondered what was going through my son’s mind. He had asked Jesus into his heart at a tender age, but had not as yet made a decision to be baptized. He wasn’t sitting with us that morning as he was part of the worship team. Did he want to answer the call, but feel he couldn’t leave his responsibility at the keyboard? At 15 years of age he certainly understood the symbolism and significance of baptism.

Over the next few minutes, it was thrilling to listen to so many testimonies and share in so many impromptu steps of obedience. When the service concluded my husband and I said goodbye to our son who had to stay and play for the second service. Once in the car we began to pray again for God’s Spirit to move in the following service. We prayed for our Pastor to preach with passion and for hearts to be prepared and ready to receive the message. We prayed for those who would respond, that God would give them courage.

Almost two hours later our doorbell rang. Immediately upon opening the door my eyes were drawn to the smiles on the faces before me. My older sister had given my son a ride home and their countenances declared joy unspeakable and full of glory. A wet head also gave witness to the water’s welcome and our son's surrender.

Tears and hugs. More tears and hugs. Prayers of praise and thankfulness.

That evening, back at church, several people approached my husband and I after the service, wondering our reaction to not being there to see our son baptized. In all honesty I can say that the delight in knowing he had taken this step of obedience on his own, far surpassed any longing to have been eye-witnesses. We were so thankful that the fact we weren’t present didn’t restrain our son from responding to the Holy Spirit’s hand on his life and God’s call. As soon as he heard, he was baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.

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~Grace and Peace said...

Praise God, Joy! I'm so happy for you and your husband - and for your son, especially. He has made that next step. Wow!

Yesterday my husband decided to give me the gift of his time for my birthday. He took me to breakfast, dropped me off to have my hair done, picked me up, took me to lunch, picked up our son from school together and visited my sister who was also having a birthday (we're not twins, but 8 years apart). I mention all this because my one wish was to have him go to Wednesday night service at church. He granted that wish - begrudgingly, maybe, but still.

Joy, I held on to the hem of Jesus' robe last night pouring my heart out, begging Him to please soften my husband's heart. Our pastor delivered one of his best sermons. It was in Luke 17 where the Pharisees were asking about the kingdom. And he talked about the days of Noah. Bottom line is we are to choose where we stand. With God or with the world. In the end he asked us to close our eyes and bow our heads. He offered the invitation to pray THE prayer. My eyes were clenched and but tears still managed to come out. I don't know if my husband raised his hand. I thought I detected some movement. But I'm not sure. I couldn't ask him in the end. What if he said No? I don't know if I can stand it. Please join me in prayer that last night's message pierced his heart. The enemy has had him for so long...It's time he comes home.

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

What a sweet, sweet story Joy! I'm so happy for your whole family!

Love ya, Mississippi

Deb said...

What a precious son you have!


And willing to take a step in faith.

You must be so proud of him.

Sweet dreams.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Beautiful memory. I don't think you missed it at all...