Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lesser Things

"His accusers didn't go inside because it would defile them, and they wouldn't be allowed to celebrate the Passover." John 18:28

I feel like responding with a great big "Ahhhhhhhhh". Poor them. Fear of being defiled kept them worshipping Jewish law, while harbouring murder in their hearts. They were so concerned with ceremony, they were missing the significance. Satisfied with the mundane while bypassing the magnificient. Didn't want to miss the Passover, while crucifying the Passover Lamb.

C.S.Lewis writes, "Satisfied with mud puddles, when you could have had a day at the oceans."

So ironic. Yet we go there too. We can be so caught up in programs and plans, ritual and religion, we miss personal relationship.

Father, may I not be satisfied with lesser things. May the 'doing' leave me empty so the 'being' can fill my hungry soul. Lord, more than anything, I want You.

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Zoe Elmore said...

Hey friend, So glad to be reminded of the lesser things. I'm always blessed by you.

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

"We can be so caught up in programs and plans, ritual and religion, we miss personal relationship."...this is a profound and true statement if ever I heard one! I've started a Bible study by Richard Blackaby called "Putting a Face on Grace" that talks about such.

Lord, please help me to reach for the real thing and not the imitation!

Love ya,
Marilyn...in Mississippi

On Purpose said...

And this is SO true...cause the GREAT thing is just that...the love relationship with our Jesus! Yeah!

Van said...

Been there -- had to make choices and wanted God to show me specifics. His only specific was to SHINE in whatever road I chose. He never told me what to do! That was 22 years ago. Why doesn't He just make it easy for us. We just want to know what to do!