Monday, November 2, 2009

Following Afar

"Meanwhile, Peter followed him at a distance..." Mark 14:54.

Following at a distance. Following, but far. I just feel like I'm there today. A distant disciple.

It's not geographical position that necessarily speaks of distance. I have a friend in China today who's baby girl was just placed in her arms. My friend and I are oceans apart, but my thoughts couldn't be closer as I'm rejoicing in all that God has done for her. Maps may mark our location, but not our connectedness.

The same is true with God. I may appear to be close...attending church, leading Bible study, reading His Word daily etc... Look at Peter, he did eventually end up in the courtyard. Physically he was fairly close to Christ's presence, yet his denial speaks of his hearts true posture. Lord, I don't want to be content with the "courtyard". I want to be holding Your hand...all the way. Holding Your hand is more than's obedience.

Those following close walk on water...board airplanes...sit in front rows...respond to the Spirit's prompting...risk...

Mark 6:6 talks about hearts that are far from God.

I feel like I'm standing on the edge. A decision must be made. I'm living on the border of all God desires for me, when He's already given the "Promised Land". Peter had no trouble jumping into the water when emotions ran high, but it's in the daily moment-by moment dry ground we see how close we are truly following. I long to be walking so closely that I'm covered in the dust from His sandals. Dust that covers all of me with His grace as I live a life of heart bowed in surrender along with my knees.

Praying for the faith and the courage to take that step into His more.

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amy said...

Love this post! And also love the name of your blog. Thanks for sharing your heart for Christ. Have a blessed day!