Saturday, October 17, 2009

As we...

"As Jesus was walking along..." John 9:1

Jesus ministry was an overflow of who He was. A way of life. His ministry wasn't separated or defined as something He did, but the way He lived.

As He walked along He noticed others. Life wasn't ritual and routine. His eyes saw and He intentionally shared His life with them. He didn't become so accustomed to His path and daily living that He didn't see the needs, physical and spiritual, all around Him.

Luann Prater wrote on her blog yesterday:

"Our world is sliding into darkness quicker than I've ever witnessed and the scariest thing about it is, our eyes have gotten adjusted to it!

When you wake up in a dark room it is a heavy feeling. But if you grope around and stare into it you will soon distinguish the outline of images. Before you know it you settle in and find that you don't mind the gray areas.

We've settled into the gray and dark areas around us. We've become accustom to being tolerant, not willing to rock the boat. Clueless and cunning people have taken over and we need to be willing to take a stand. We are called to be witnesses. Not judges, not prosecutors, not defense attorneys. Witnesses to what Jesus Christ has done in our lives.

Do you say, I will live the lifestyle that will show Jesus? Be brave enough to take leap out of the boat! Say, 'I was once hopeless then I found the author of hope.'

So the question at the end of this day asks,
'What can one woman do?'

Maybe today, if you step out of your comfort zone, God will show you."

Friends, today as we work outside in the yard, grocery shop, run errands, speak to neighbours, go for a run, drive around town, prepare dinner, finish laundry, speak to our children, make requests of our husband etc... may His life in us overflow to bless, encourage and heal the hearts of those who need a touch of Jesus today.

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Elizabeth Mahlou said...

One woman, one person, can do a lot! I have seen that on many occasions! There are famous 'one persons' wno have done a lot throughout history, and we all know who they are, but there are many more, even today, who are making a difference as unknowns. We don't have to be well known or famous to make a difference, with God's help. We simply have to life our life for God and with God. That is enough. God will take care of the rest.

Andrea said...

I am too comfortable. I must step out of my comfort zone, where I live in spiritual contentment and safety.

Oh, I push myself toward the high calling, but I long for so much more. And to give so much more. I pray the Lord will lead me.

What a beautiful post you have written. I love it. I want my faith to be challenged, so it will grow and bring God glory.

Thank you, dear friend.


Mariel said...

The Lord has been pulling me far out of my comfort zone over the last couple years...I am beginning to like it, and expect it! I am always seeking to grow in Him and open my eyes to where He might be at work, so I can join Him! Thanks for sharing this...what an encouragement!