Monday, October 12, 2009

A View From the Top

“‘You are seeing things merely from a human point of view, not from God’s.’” Mark 8:33

A girlfriend and I recently went to see the movie "Love Happens". Without giving the plot away, at one point, self-help, motivational speaker Burke Ryan takes the participants of his workshop out on the street to stand in the middle of a busy intersection. He asks them to share all they see and hear while cars race around, honking and terrifying them. They then enter the building immediately on the corner and climb to the roof. Again, Ryan asks them to describe all they see and hear. How their answers have changed. This time, instead of the noise, chaos, fear and uncertainty, they feel a breeze, hear birds singing and marvel in the beauty they couldn't find below. They are basically in the same location, but hundreds of feet higher. Their point of view changes, because their view has changed. They have a new perspective.

How’s your vision? Human or heavenly? Physical or faith-filled? Limited or limitless?

Seeing beyond the obvious to the supernatural work of God. God is constantly at work in our lives and we need to take notice. We need to learn to recognize Him all around us “by noticing visible prints of His invisible hands.” Beth Moore

Are we caught by what we think is possible or what God says is possible? His view is higher. Asking God to help me see a view from the top today.

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Zoe Elmore said...

Once again friend, you have blessed me greatly today with your post today.
Thanks for your words on the subject of forgiveness.

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

What a great comparison.....our view versus HIS view! Reminds me of the verse that says His ways are higher than our ways! I needed this today Joy!

Love ya, Mississippi

Deb said...

Honestly, I'm seeing an absolute disaster in my house.

And I'm Miss Organization/Perfection/Lovely Decor all in one.

I've got to see Him.

His love. Provision. Protection. Grace.

Thanks for helping me along the way.

Sweet dreams.

JHerald said...

Hi Joy~ This was great! My perspective definitely needs to be changed and your post gave me something to think about! Thank you~ Jill

~Grace and Peace said...

Great visual, Joy. Thanks for sharing that. We need to be reminded that what we see here is not always what it is. It also helps to remove ourselves from the situation and see it (or at least try to) from God's perspective.