Sunday, October 25, 2009

Your Image

“Whose picture and title are stamped on it? Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.” Luke 20:24-25

The King James Version asks, whose "image" is on the coin? Genesis tells me that I am made in God’s image. The image of God is stamped on my heart. So, I need to give to God was is His…namely…me.

Lord, I belong to You. I need to give to You supremely, not just the minimum, but all of me. Father, bear Your image fully in me. Restore Your image in me to full Christ-likeness I pray.

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1 comment:

Deb said...

I just taught this verse a few weeks ago.

But I didn't make this connection.

We're created in His image; so, we need to give to God what belongs to Him.

That would be us.

Love this line of thinking.

Sweet dreams.