Friday, October 16, 2009


"...the crowd pressed in on Jesus..." Luke 11:29

Today, again, I'm pressing in. Elbowing through the crowd. Needing to lean all my wait, all my worry, and all my questioning and wondering. Pressing issues are pushing me to press in. Pressing past satan's echoing words to His whispers. Past my doubts to His certain. Past my insecurities to His acceptance. Past the gathering of mockers and naysayers to His cloud of witnesses. Past lies to His truth. Past my unknowns to His sure. Past my now and my sight to His not yet and His unseen.

Pressing into the throne room.

Pressing into Jesus presence.

Pressing into His heart.

Pressing deeper.

Pressing further.

Pressing longer.


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Lutiemom said...

Amen! May we "press on".

~Grace and Peace said...

Press on, sister, press on!

Lynn Cowell said...

Not sure that our paths are the same, but our feelings are. So glad that we have One who is worth pressing on for. Today, I had an image in my mind of meeting Him face to face. How I long for that day!
Have an incredible weekend!

On Purpose said...

I came here knowing I would see precious words...

"Pressing past satan's echoing words to His whispers."

I just got done praying out to Jesus begging Him to quiet all other things down so I could hear Him!

And here I see that is what I must continue on past straight to His heart!