Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sharing Faith

“Jesus… returned… to Nazareth, his hometown.” Mark 6:1

Witnessing to our family. Why is it so difficult? The ones we love the most are often the hardest with whom to share our beliefs. What encouragement can we take from Christ’s example on how to share our faith?

1. Let them see not only our lives, but let them interact with friends of ours who are also believers. The Christian life isn’t dull and boring. We should be the most joy filled people on the planet. Our unsaved family needs to see us delighting in Christ. Jesus returned home with His disciples. (vs. 1)

2. We need to share God’s truth verbally. Don’t just show…speak. Be cautious not to become obnoxious, but be bold. Jesus taught and everyone was amazed. (vs.2)

3. Expect initial rejection and ridicule. Remember, their hearts haven’t yet been opened to the gospel message. It will take time. The people scoffed at Christ. (vs.3)

4. Don’t quit. Keep serving, praying and loving. Eventually we will see results. In the passage today we see that a few believed. (vs.5)

I know at times it can seem discouraging, but as unsaved family watch our lives being transformed by His presence, they will come to desire what we have and the God we know.

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Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

I NEEDED this encouragement today!

BELIEVING in FAITH that God will provide the funds to bring Jeremiah home quickly!