Tuesday, October 13, 2009


“…they were afraid to ask him…” Luke 9:45

I’ve never been good at asking questions. Hesitant to raise my hand in class, I would hope someone else would inquire about things I still didn’t understand. I was extremely shy and average in my learning abilities. I felt silence kept me from ridicule and being labelled stupid by my peers.

This extended outside the classroom. When I was a little girl, my sister and I had an unique method of approaching our parents with a request. We would write our desire on a piece of paper, then fold it very carefully into the shape of a paper airplane. Locating the whereabouts of mom and dad, we would point our plane towards it’s required destination, and as co-pilots, we would send it airborne, announcing loudly, “Airmail, Airmail”.

The question always comes back to me. Why did we do this? Was it only fun? Were we expressing creativity? Or, did our actions stem from a root of fear? Afraid to ask a question even of our parents. That thought doesn’t settle well with me. Were we afraid of mom and dad?…our question?…or the answer? What prompted such an action?

In our reading today we read that the disciples were afraid to ask Jesus what they didn’t understand. Were they afraid of being seen as unintelligent? Certainly they weren’t nervous of their Friend and Teacher. Maybe they sensed the question, or the answer, would reflect poorly on them and their lack of comprehension.

The Lord desires we come to Him with all that concerns us. He doesn’t want us to be frightened of Him or His responses. No question is ever wrong. He will never label us a dunce because of our lack of understanding. I’m sure it breaks His heart to see anyone afraid of Him.

Have you ever been nervous to approach Him? I’m just wondering why…

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JHerald said...

Good Morning Joy~ I'm in a season of quiet reflection and growth, so it took me a minute to get in the right frame of mind to answer...

When I think back, I do know of a nervousness, but it's not been with asking him something. My nervousness in approaching the throne comes during the times He is asking me to travel with Him down a road I know takes me WAY out of my own comfort zone, when He's asking me to commit to something He has planned, yet I don't have any details. I usually experience anxiety during the decision period. Once I am ready to give it up and follow wherever He leads, I experience a nervousness as I walk to Him to commit to the call and let Him know I am here and ready. The nervousness only lasts up until the moment I speak with Him and fully commit, then a great peace comes. I wouldn't trade my nervousness for all the world, except maybe to be in a place where I say "YES" instantaneously and there would be no need for a decision debate. Hmmmm.

I hope what I've written makes sense if you read this, it made great sense when I wrote it :)

Make today a great day in Him!

~Grace and Peace said...

Yes, sometimes I am hesitant to approach Him because I know the answer will cause discomfort: be it my pride, appetite or slothfulness. I know He wants the best for me but there are days when my flesh reigns. And I let it. I just thank God for His patience and grace.

On Purpose said...

Great use of scripture and everyday life application..I feel encouraged to not be afraid to ask!!

Maybe I have been afraid in the past because I think I should be able to do it myself...yikes!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

I don't think I could have put my own thoughts any better than "Grace and Peace" said it!


Marilyn...in Mississippi