Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Reaching and Touching

"His only daughter...was dying." Luke 8:42
"A woman...could find no cure." Luke 8:43

Two separate needs. Strangers to one another, but not to pain. They share an invisible bond. Heartache ties them together. Brokenness brought them here. Hope is keeping them here. Desperation pushes us in directions that others might not go. Sometimes it takes desperate moments in our life before we are prepared to fall on our knees and our face before God and seek His help.

Christ always notices a person of faith. Whether a father's frantic request or a nameless woman touching the fringe of a robe, no-one goes unnoticed.

The need of a little girl of twelve years intersects with a woman with a chronic condition for twelve years. A request is interrupted. Sometimes we might perceive that Jesus is on His way to someone else. We have erroneously decided that the other person has the greater need. Our misconception silences are pleas. We feel unworthy. Don’t be afraid to reach out and touch the fringe of His garment. In a crowd of thousands, Jesus was concerned about one person. He is concerned about you. Come out of the shadows and touch Him.

Interesting how she had courage to touch Him, yet came trembling before Him as she admitted what she had done. The faithful come trembling, as reverence is an integral part of their faith.

But, don’t be mistaken. Healing was given, not stolen.

Christ’s power is limitless. Jairus was not forgotten. Jesus didn’t dispense all power on one at the expense of the other. After healing a woman of her bleeding problem, He still had enough power to raise Jairus’s daughter from the dead.

“Your daughter is dead. There’s no use troubling the Teacher now.” (vs.35) Death does not bind Jesus. The messenger is implying that Jesus is only a teacher and can’t overcome death. He has resigned himself to what is seen.

Jesus responds, “Don’t be afraid. Just have faith.”

Don’t stop believing too soon. His hand is not shortened.

Am I just curious about Christ like the crowds, or will I reach out in faith with longing, knowing His mercy brings healing to body, soul and spirit?

Today I am reaching out. Needing to touch Him. Needing a touch from Him.

Long seasons of illness or hardship call for long seasons of trust. Without God the situation is terminal, but he brings hope and we cling to Him for life.

Lord, tomorrow my dad is scheduled for an invasive physical exam. A biopsy will be taken through his back. Lord, he has already endured so much. He has come so far. The last few weeks he has made such progress. The timing of this procedure seems so unfair. Why must he be subjected to this test at this time?

I am grabbing for Your fringe. Fingertips straining. Reaching. Not for me Lord. On behalf of my dad.

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Sheryl said...

Powerful post today.

I'm am lifting up your dad as he goes through this procedure. God's presence is with him...and you.


On Purpose said...

You are a daughter who makes two daddies very proud. I will continue to pray for you, your dad, your mom and your family. Knowing the hands we reach out to our Jesus will be felt!

I am sending my momma here to read this great post today!

Love you Joy, have a super day!

~Grace and Peace said...

((HUGS)) Praying for your Daddy, Joy. May God guide the hands of the doctors and the techs. May our Heavenly Father bathe your Daddy with His healing power. And peace, peace that passes all understanding for everyone in your family.

Unreasonable Grace said...

Awesome word today, Joy. Very timely for me ... and apparently for YOU as well. Still praying for your dad, you and your family. Grasp for that fringe and hang on, sister!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a beautiful post it is just what I needed, God blessed me with such a wonderful daughter who sent me here.
In His Name

Anonymous said...

Your wisdom is just incrediable.. You are so blessed... A true follower of Christ.......Have you ever thought to do an online bible study....maybe of a favorite book of yours.............Us bloggy friends would benifit greatly.. blessings, kathy

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I didn't think that was happening, Joy. Oh dear, prayers all the more!

As far as grasping the hem of his garment, that word in the Greek is "hapto" and means to cling, to adhere tightly.

There's nothing casual about her grasp! Oh that we would all be so willing to "take hold" in faith.

Take hold, friend, and I'll do the same. I've seen the mighty hand of God in my own heart and life in the past 48 hours. The circumstances haven't changed as much as my heart.

God is still working miracles in me! I stand today as living proof.

Love you.