Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Appointed Time

“But it will make no difference, for the end will come at the appointed time.” Daniel 11:27

I am a worrier. A pain there. An ache here. A tingling feeling. My heart races or skips a beat. All these symptoms send me into instant panic. I over think and over analyze, consumed with self-awareness. Hearing stories of others suddenly diagnosed with cancer, brain aneurisms, heart disease or stroke scares the living daylights out of me, especially if these dear ones are approximately my age. I live anxious of sudden physical changes and magnify every perceived sensation. I do not run to the Doctors, but I inwardly live with the concern that subjective evidence is indicating something isn’t right. What a lot of wasted worry.

The end will come at the appointed time. The Psalmist tells us that God knows the number of our days before one of them came to be. His Word tells me that He formed me and knows me full well. My times are in His hands. Whether it’s the appointed time for the end of life, end of a trial or end of the day, it comes at the exact moment that God has already ordained. My fear makes no difference to my dying, but greatly affects my living.

Father, help me to trust You. Give me wisdom and discernment to know when to pursue a physical concern, but also help me not to focus on and react to each and every one that are just part of the natural aging process. Exchange my fear for faith and my thoughts of self with thoughts of ministering to others. Lord, guard my mind and let me rest in knowing You, the Great Physician, are caring for me.

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Lutiemom said...

There's a lot of truth in your comment, "My fear makes no difference to my dying, but greatly affects my living." It's amazing the immobilizing effect fear can have on one's life.

love, nancy

~Grace and Peace said...

Yes I agree with Lutiemom - this is good: My fear makes no difference to my dying, but greatly affects my living.

Having said that I pray that you are well and that the health concerns you have are just part of the aging of our physical bodies. (I'm ahead of you so I know the feeling!)

Dr. David Jeremiah in his devotional this week talked about worrying. He asked if worrying has added a cubit to our height. I'd be much, much taller if it did.

From a fellow former worrier,

Lynn Cowell said...

I am reading through the Bible as well, so I am at the same place as you. I did a study on Daniel a couple of years ago by Beth Moore so it has really helped me a lot to bring it back out. This stuff is deep!
Thank you for the sweet comment on my blogs. Hope one day we will sit by each other again, friend!