Saturday, September 5, 2009

Special Possession

“…I alone am their special possession.” Ezekiel 44:28

If you had to suddenly leave your house quickly, what would you grab to take with you as you hurried away? I’ve heard many people respond to this question with the word, “photos”. Irreplaceable moments captured on film. Home videos are also treasured keepsakes. Wedding rings. Your Bible. The one that is marked and underlined with dog-eared corners. Pages speaking of journey’s through joy and tears, chronicling your walk with the Lord and the relationship that has grown over time. All these, priceless items, that fill your heart with love. However, if you know Christ as your Saviour and Lord, you already take your most “special possession” with you as you leave.

Do you see Him as your most special possession? Do you realize that nothing else you own or will ever acquire can even come close to being as valuable to you as He already is right now? He is your “pearl of great price”. Do you treasure Him as such? Do you hear Him saying as He did to the priests, “I alone am her special possession”?

It was 14 years ago today my son made a decision to ask the Lord to be his special possession. We are celebrating his spiritual birthday today and thanking the Lord for all He is doing in his life.

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Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

Rejoicing with you for your son! :)

He is our special possession, our inheritance for sure.

And amazingly we are the apple of His eye, His grapes in the desert. I guess we are a fruity family!

Happy Weekend!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I've just awakened from a brief nap; during that time, I had a most wonderful dream ... one of me at the ocean completely aware of God's presence, singing my praise and worship to him.

Yes, I think I do treasure him above all else. I'd still go for my Bible and maybe a few photos, but as long as my family is safe, I'm good to go.