Tuesday, September 22, 2009


“Remember…” Nehemiah 5:19, 13:14, 22, 29, 31

My memory certainly isn’t the same as it was years ago. In fact, I’ve resorted to pen and paper most days. In practically every clothing pocket of mine you will find a scrap piece of paper with something written on it. It might be a phone number, a name, a grocery list, a prayer request or an agenda. Something has come to my mind, and rather than forget it, I write it down. I want to remember.

How often have you asked God to remember you? Nehemiah certainly seemed to offer that request several times. Have you ever asked God to remember you in a crisis, or at a time when you felt desperately alone, or when facing health challenges, strained relationships or struggles due to the economic crunch. Do you wish you could write your name and situation on a piece of paper and tuck it in His pocket so that He will remember you?

Asking God to remember, implies the concern that He might forget.

Isaiah 49:15-16 tells us, “I will not forget you! See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands…”

It is impossible for God to forget us.

However, the opposite is not true. We can forget God. We can go about living each moment of our life with no thought of our Lord and Savoir. We can make decisions without Him. We can choose to neglect Him. We can start our day without thinking of Him.

Maybe I should write His Name on pieces of paper and place them in my pockets so that I will always and forever remember to look for Him throughout each day.

Lord, help me to remember You.

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Kathy S. said...

Me too!! I call those pieces of paper my "memory chips"! I try to remember to make Him my first thought every morning...funny, it seems like it should be natural, but it isn't, it is SUPERNATURAL!


Raylene said...

HI JOY! Thanks for your words....I have said myself, "God, WHERE ARE YOU?"....but a friend wrote to me last year and I rehearse that to myself, GOD HAS NOT FORGOTTEN ME! I may not understand his timing but I know that HE has a plan for me. My mom sent me the song by Brandon Heath and I hear it over and over WAIT & SEE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJwlmb4V-0Y Appreciate YOU JOY! Raylene

~Grace and Peace said...

I write down everything, too. But I've been like that even when I was younger.

We will certainly do well to Remember Him. Yes, I confess, sometimes I forget to consult him and just forge ahead. Like last Saturday at church, I urged a friend to serve as an usher for us the next day since my son has left.

Well, looking back, I should not have done that... The lead usher's wife spoke with another lady who happened to be praying for an opportunity to usher but could not do it in the mornings because she takes care of her grandchildren. So now, because of my big mouth, we have two women for one spot. One has a heart for it, was prayed for and prayed up for the position, the other just showed up because I let my mouth get the best of me.

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

I'm a "paper person" also Joy! That's the only way I can remember things!

What a comforting thought to know that God never forgets us! The verse I am "meditating" on the last half of this month is "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evel, to give you an expected end." Jeremiah 29: 11

God bless!

Marilyn...in Mississippi

Sheryl said...

I'm so glad He will never forget us, always remember us. So glad.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

That's an awesome idea, Joy! Writing his name down and remembering. I just received a bracelet I ordered in keeping with my current season of living... it says "faith inside-out 8-22-09"

The day marking the occasion when I began to realize that God had called me to a great faith journey in him. It was a pivotal moment, one of those worth benchmarking. As I read your words today, I couldn't help but think of how I need a constant reminder pointing me back to my journey of faith.

I'll wear it this weekend to buoy my thoughts/steps. Love you friend.