Thursday, September 3, 2009

Signs and Wonders

“I want you to know about the miraculous signs and wonders the Most High has performed for me.” Daniel 4:2

In recent writings I have shared the miraculous story surrounding my birth (Aug 14), as well as the account of God’s miraculous provision as I stepped out in faith and trusted Him (July 13). As I ponder other signs and wonders the Lord has performed for me, I think aback to a high school gym exam.

I am not athletic at all. The only reason I was in this physical education class was because it was mandatory. The day had come to be examined on a piece of gym equipment, either the uneven bars, the “horse” or the beam. Although class time had been given to create a routine on the apparatus of my choice, I hadn’t had the courage to attempt even touching one of them. I don’t know what made me thing the beam would be easiest, but when my name was called, I walked towards it hesitantly.

Saying a quick prayer, somehow I managed to hoist myself up and I suddenly found I was standing at the end of this very narrow piece of wood, several feet off the ground. I was to walk it’s length three times, attempting different moves before dismounting. To this day I can’t tell you what I did. An unseen force carried me and held my feet from slipping. According to my friends who congratulated me afterwards, I even did a couple of little jumps! I didn’t receive a glowing mark, but I did meet the requirements for a passing grade. I really believe that day marked another miraculous wonder.

My life has been filled with divine interventions. Times when the Lord has decided to show His power to me, in me and through me. I’m sure the Lord has acted on your behalf many times as well. Are you sharing His story? I’d be encouraged to read of His miraculous power demonstrated to you.

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Sarah Dawn said...


You continue to sparkle and shine for HIS glory! The Lord has miraculously intervened in my life, through finances, protection and blessings more than I can even count. We serve a mighty, mighty God.

Blessings from this mommy's heart,
Sarah Dawn

~Grace and Peace said...

The one that comes to mind is when I cried out to God to help us with our finances. I stopped working during my Mom's illness and last days. We were strapped. I prayed for help. Then out of the blue a friend whom I have not seen for a while called to tell me she's expecting (again!). We chatted and exchanged well wishes.

She called back the next day.

Turned out she spoke w/ someone who knows someone who is looking for somebody with my skills to cover someone going on a medical leave.

I called the office to offer my services. I hesitated because it was close to the hospital where my Mom died but I told myself I can't keep avoiding that area forever.

It was supposed to be a five-week assignment. That was in 2005 and I'm still there!

God has blessed me with a job that allows for flexibility in my schedule, close to home and pays well.

Little did I know on that Friday morning that by the following Monday, I will have a new job. Isn't God amazing?

Unreasonable Grace said...

Every single day - sometimes in small, seemingly routine ways. Sometimes His interventions are those stand-up-and-applaud types. He is too good to me!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Another thing we have in common ... hating gym class. I hated the balance beam and all acts of tumbling down those stupid mats. I couldn't do anything at all. And then there was the trampoline and seeing how many chin ups we could do on the bar. And then came jr. high/high school PE. Talk about the dread of it all. I think they invented the class to torment the less athletic and deeply introverted kids. It always emphasized the low self-esteem I was already feeling.

OK, now that I got that off my chest (can you tell you struck a nerve with this one?), I am amazed that I survived the education process. It wasn't until college that I began to come into my own sense of who I was. At 43 I'm still working on it. God's grace has kept me every step of the way.

I'm very thankful.